You have to do the things in order to get it done

We think about doing many things in life. We think about it whenever we are motivated by someone and something and encouraged. The act of thinking goes on and on but it never comes alive because we only think don’t do it. We spent so much time on thinking that the thinking process makes us tired, inundated and retired. Therefore, the work we think we will do never happens.


After some days we leave the idea of thinking and doing because we have not done anything we wished to do. So, how can we be able to take tackle this over thinking habit and leaving our dreams behind?


The only way is to do things one by one. Like an hourglass from which grains drop one by one at a time. Remember that the grain doesn’t fall as a whole at the same time. So, we have to think about one thing at a time and act upon it to complete it. Think about today, each day, every day. It is truly said that no one has sunk under the burden of today. Think about what you can and will do, accomplish today and act upon it.


As the life can throw upon us many problems at the same time and test us. We have to do things one by one. You have to be persistent in your work no matter what. Throw away all the negative thoughts and afraid. Act now and don’t stop until you get a work, dream done.


The famous Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras used to teach his disciples to live for the day. Living myriad moments at a time is the root of human miseries. Learning to think about one thing and acting on one thing and avoiding all things at once is the key to happiness and successful life.

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