Why we are left behind to spread Hinduism in India, and the world than Christian and Islam?

Why is one of the oldest and most philosophical religion, the Hinduism is been not able to spread in the world? Why is Hinduism still confined to India and some other small countries like Nepal and Mauritius? Have we ever asked us this question that why Christian Missionaries are present everywhere in every state in India? Why the Muslim leaders and imams preach their followers to produce more and more children?


If we want the Hindu religion to spread like Christianism than we have to do what they are doing and more than them. The first and foremost thing we have to do is treat every individual equally irrespective of their religion. Even a Muslim and Christian women should be able to enter any worship place of Hindu. The Hinduism have to accept every individual without any discrimination.


One of the main problems of the Hindu religion is the caste system. Still, the Brahmins and other so-called higher castes act as a superior entity. They look and act at others as inferior. Inter-caste marriage is strictly being monitored and denied. Even the parents kill their daughters in name of honour. The government had made laws to eradicate such nefarious activities and deleting the caste system. But the law can’t do anything formidable if we general public, the Hindus don’t realize it and act. We have to see all the Hindus as an extended family member and behave and treat them equally.


The most important fact is that we leg behind in charity. Most of the Christian and Muslim donate towards the church and mosques with their heart and soul. And the Church and Mosques organize much charity and offer financial and other helps towards everyone. They especially help the people of other religions or people who have no religion in order to spread their religion. But what does out Mandirs and Ashramas do? It is the bitter truth that general people get no benefit from the funds which is donated by the people to the worship places of Hindus.


From many days I have seen few people are spreading little booklets of Jesus Christ in my neighborhood. I personally have no objection about the Christian or any other religion but I just want the whole world to get benefited from the great Hindu philosophy and its religious beliefs. The people who were spreading these leaflets even don’t know Assamese, the local language fluently. They are driven by the true spirit of the missionaries. But why we Hindus don’t do that?


In ancient period many Hindu kings have tried to spread Hinduism in the neighborhood countries. We can see it by looking at the temples of Thailand and Myanmar. Their names are Hindu names specially from Ramayana. But in the later period the Hindus have not tried to spread the religion through missionaries and other methods. It is time for every Hindu to wake up from this deep sleep and take responsibility to spread our wonderful religion to the whole world. Through the Hindu religion we can be able to achieve peace and tranquility for the whole world.

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