Why we are even here on this earth: Presence of God

The humans are a strange creature on this earth. Sometimes I feel that we are not related from here. We are aliens landed by mistake on this earth and the civilization continued to grow from there. And the other time Darwin comes to my mind. According to his theory, the earth and it’s all species evolved in due time by selective measures. Or the survival of the fittest. Who is not able to survive are wiped out.



But both theories can’t satisfy me many times. Because of their many limitations. They can’t tell about our past and future lives. Who we were before we are this and who we will be after this life? I can’t understand the theme that only humans developed their mental faculty and other relatives like chimpanzees and other apes can’t. At least they should have a brain like a child. IN a classroom with 100 of different quality students, it can’t be true that the top one will know everything and other remained 99 will know nothing! Is this even possible? If the mother nature is the teacher then she will teach equally to everyone.

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Therefore, I believe in God. I believe that there is life after death. The writer of “The Positive Power of Positive Thinking”, Norman Vincent Peale who is also known as the father of positive thinking writes that “The deeper remedy for heartache, of course, is the curative comfort supplied by trust in God. Inevitably the basic prescription for heartache is to turn to God in an attitude of faith and empty the mind and the heart to him. Perseverance in the act of spiritual self-emptying will finally bring healing to the broken heart. This generation which has suffered fully as much if not more heartache than people in preceding eras, needs to relearn that which the wisest men of all time have known, namely, that there is no healing of the pain suffered by humanity except through the benign ministrations of faith”.



Just keep quiet for some seconds and feel those words. It will calm you down and now think how much this generation needs to have deep faith in God. Norman again writes, “The late Mrs. Thomas A. Edison told me that when her famous husband was dying he whispered to his physician: “It is very beautiful over there.” Edison was the world’s greatest scientist. All his life he had worked with phenomena. He was a factual cast of mind. He never reported anything as a fact until he saw it work. He would never have reported: ‘It is beautiful over here’ unless, having seen, he knew it to be true.”



God is present everywhere with us. You have to believe in God and in yourself then we can overcome any difficulty and hurdles in life.
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