Divorce rate is increasing in India.

Why the Divorce rate is increasing in India? And Saas, Bahu and Husband

Divorce rate is increasing in India.

Honestly, the divorce rate in India is not like that of the advanced countries like U.K. and USA but it is increasing at a rapid pace. It has skyrocketed in this decade than the previous one. Especially it is increasing more in the cities than villages but it is definitely in the upward direction.

The divorce is a common word for us now. Some of my friends are divorced and some even got married again. One of my wife’s girlfriend is married to a Muslim man. They live in a big city and therefore there is no discrimination whatsoever because of their inter-religious marriage. She is telling my wife that she will take divorce because she can’t cope with her husband’s religious culture and beliefs. Therefore, as the society is progressing and we are embracing new technologies day by day our personal lives are in despair and in the doldrums.

In the previous decade, the word divorce was strange to many. Either they have not heard of it or never understood its meaning. It was the norm to continue the marriage till the end of anyone between the husband and wife. They had immense patient and understanding between them. They conversed continuously and try to solve every problem they have. And by chance, if the problem never ceases to ward off then they continued to live together by ignoring it. Our culture is so ancient that it is enrooted in our soul. Therefore, they were able to live the eternal life and stay together for this world and beyond.

But, the time is changing rapidly these days because of technological advancement. We are so busy with selfies and tweets that we forget to notice that wife is not feeling well, she is upset and even angry for some reason. Or the husband is home after the 5 to 9 job but the wife is not asking for a glass of water, she is not taking any care and even ignores him to keep busy in Instagram, shopping online. These small things pile up together to become a big problem which leads to separation and tragedy.

We kill our time in these unnecessary things because we are lack of a purpose in our life. When I ask the purpose of their life to my eight to ten standard students they are simply unable to tell or don’t know, never thought of. Even my younger brother who is a teacher has no aim or purpose in his life. It really pains me a lot when I meet these young men and women without any purpose and goal in life. They simply don’t understand that there is any purpose in life other than to acquire material gains and enjoyment. So, they forget to enrich their soul. And the soul becomes empty. The emptiness of soul leads to faulty living and adultery. Hence lack of self-confidence and confidence in the almighty. The end result is a big zero and emptiness which leads to divorce.

Are you bored to death by my lecture? I guess you might be but now is the interesting part which will automatically make you jump and sit on your bed. I bet it if you are a men, a married man. Do you know who is the luckiest married man in this universe? Can you guess? Here is the answer, the man whose mother and wife live in harmony!

For me, I can’t even imagine about how peaceful it would be to live in such a state of true peace and tranquility. Because unfortunately my mother doesn’t want peace with my wife. In between them, i.e. mother and wife the husband becomes a football which is wanted and chased by both party to score a goal. And the serial makers, advertisers knows it very well and run many serials and advertises in this topic of Saas-Bahu.

I just want to tell the ladies that just think of your Bahu as your own daughter. Imagine if your daughter finds at the same position then how you would feel then. Or at least treat them as your students if you can’t think them as your own daughter. And to the wives, it is your duty and moralty to treat your Saas as your own mother. She is not young as you, she may lack education and may not understand many things but you have to handle the situation carefully and with humanity.

What can I do other than write and hope that the situation changes in the better way. Thank you and God bless you

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