Why Kerala got flooded and more than 400 people died? I can see only one villain.

The southernmost state of India, Kerala is facing a most devastating flood of the lifetime. More than 400 people died because of it and the toll is counting. The main reason so many people died is that they were caught unprepared and didn’t know what to do. The Assam, for instance, is flooded more than once by the Brahmaputra and the Barak river annually. Therefore it is expected and people and Government prepare prior to the flood. So, not so many people die because of the flood as in Kerala.


And the main cause of this flood is global warming. Scientists have been reiterating that global warming is going towards the increase of 2° Celsius of the earth’s atmosphere. When it will reach that point then the whole of humanity wouldn’t be able to reverse it no matter what they do. There will be dominoes effect from that point and the Earth will continue to rise in temperature and become a hothouse. We are heading towards the 2° Celsius warmer earth just after one or two decades. The different natural calamities indicate it like the tsunami, flood, rise in ocean level, etc. We, earthlings, are not doing enough for our planet which is the only shelter for us the human beings. Some scientists argue that the GHG are so extreme that the 2° rise in the temperature is inevitable even if all the countries abide by the Paris convention.


It is a very serious threat to the whole existence of humanity. We have to take it as our Ernest duty to reduce the GHG emission to a sustainable level and then not let it increase so that the Earth can recycle its capabilities in a suitable way. The Government’s are not doing enough. It is a matter of the humanity so it is the need of the hour to think it of a global problem and resume talks and work by all the head of the countries of the world. We have to develop more scientific breakthroughs and collaborative implementation of it.


Another fact is that the people from high to low standard of living have to understand the fact about Global warming and try to use less fossil fuel energy as much as possible. The basics like switching off fans and lights when not in use, using public transport, not using A.C., not burning the plastics and totally banning it, etc. We have to understand that it is our duty as a human being to contribute for the well being of the Earth and humanity as a whole.

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