Why is these people distributing leaflets about Christianity?

First of all, I want to confess that I love the Christian religion. It has a charismatic character in it. It is believed by the highest amount of population in the world.  And the Christian religion is spread all over the world in many corner and remote places. They are trying every day to spread it like wildfire through missionaries and schools. In north-east India, in almost every state the Christian religion has set foot and converted every people. In some parts of Assam like karbi Anglong, and tribal living areas the Christian missionaries and schools have converted many people to Cristian religion. It is easily be taken by the tribal people of Assam and the other North-East India because they don’t discriminate and provide economically and other helps to them. There is another reason behind it. The Christian religion is mainly associated with the rich, developed Western Countries and their lifestyle. Therefore, the people easily get fascinated and carried away with their living style and advancement. By taking the Cristian religion they want to relate themselves with the western lifestyle and culture.


I’m not against the Cristian or any other religion, I reiterate. Every religion is divine and proponent of peace in this world. But I’m against the forceful planned spreading of religion and everyone should be able to choose his/her own belief. Yesterday, I met three people, One man and two women distributing leaflets in our area. It is titled ‘Are you afraid?’ Actually, it is an Assamese translation of a small part of the Bible. They are going house to house to distribute it. I have met them on the street and asked them, what are you doing sir? He told me that we are distributing this, a part of the Bible. Then I replied that I’ve read all the religious sects of the world but nowhere it is written that impose this religion on the people who already have a belief, a religion.


Actually, our colony, the village is full of the Hindu religious believers. The Hindu religion is not only religion but it is a lifestyle, culture and general belief. It is the most peaceful religion and it is one of the oldest religion in the world. It’s sacred sects, philosophy is older than the history itself and it is an indispensable part of the most of the Indians. We don’t have to take and look at other religions to grow and progress in life and as a nation, the Hindu religion is more than capable of helping us and living our life peacefully and in tranquility.

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