Where is our society going: The negative influence of the Social Media

Social Media is no doubt a very useful tool for us to communicate with our friends and families and to enhance our talents. It is a tool which is used by almost every other People of the world. It has a tremendous effect on the people as a whole. Politicians use it to win elections, anti-social elements use it to develop unrest in the society.

Look at how the leak of Facebook users behavior had helped the Trump govt to come into power. The Congress party in India is also alleged in the tempering of data from Facebook in their favor. And it is uncountable of how much hatred and fake news is delivered in the different types of social media per day. Even the police and government can’t control such large-scale violation of cybercrime.

Our subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious mind and it can literally do anything. And the subconscious mind is slow to be developed certain perception and understandings. But once it is in the subconscious then it can’t be removed easily. Actually, it is very hard to restructure our subconscious mind. So, the social media enters slowly day by day into our subconscious mind. As we use the social media daily and extensively the impact of it on our subconscious can’t be removed easily. It is very true in the tragic and inhuman incident of Karbi Anglong. Two young men, Nilotpal Das, and Abhijit Nath were lynched, slaughtered for nothing but rumors in the social media of ‘entering 500 demons from Bihar’. What a shame for us! They yelled we are Assamese, they said their parent’s names but in vain. The bar barbarous crowd listen to nothing of the two young Engineers One of whom was a sound Engineer and the other an established businessman.

The duo went to the Karbi Anglong to enjoy the nature, to listen and record the voice of nature and to forget themselves in the natural beauty of the landscape. But they didn’t think for a second that they can be killed like a mad dog by the crowd with the minds filled with rumors and superstition. So, it is a very ugly side of the social media. Therefore it is time that the Government should monitor the social media strictly and draw such measures that the cybercriminals are drawn to the jails before they even think of doing the crime. Otherwise, the days are not far away when there will be communal violence and tensions would prevail in the whole country.


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