Twelve years a slave: What the movie taught me

“Twelve years a slave” is a book written by Solomon Northup. No, I have not read the book yet. But today I have watched the movie. Long live the internet giving opportunity of a lifetime, every time. This is the true story of Solomon Northup.

It is 19th century America, in 1953 when he released the book. He fought for the slaves which were negroids. In this film we can literally test the miserable lives of the slaves. I am not going to talking about the characters and cast of the film. But I want to talk about the unhuman life of the slaves and how it has impacted me.

A slave in 19th century America means just like a bullock. It is worser than the animals we rear, atleast they are given proper food, not sexually exploited and not beaten without doing anything wrong. They were had no rights, even to live. The owners of the slaves have the power to kill anybody for no reason. They were forced to work in the field of sugarcane and cotton. After work they were beaten with hunter, just a regular treat!

The life of the women slave was very miserable. They were physically and sexually exploited. They had to face brutal tortures. Even the children were not excused. This type of tortures and inhuman condition is again seen in Hitler’s concentration camp. It seems to me that Hitler was inspired by the slaves tortured life and their miserable condition.

Now it has abolished in USA. Negroids are given as equal status everywhere there. But is it really so? I doubt so. By following news anyone can say that they are treated as second class citizen and many people still hate them. It is called racism there. And racism is not confined only in USA. It is in every country more or less. It is our duty to curb out any type of racism so that peace and tranquility may prevail in this world.

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