To the Indian parents: Listen to the heart of your child and give them proper sex education.

Indian parents are the most typical parents in the world. They think whatever they do is for the betterment of the child. In one sense they are not wrong at all. They think their children will be better off with the path they choose for them. They want to give the child education, career which is conventional and they think is fit for the child. But in this process, they ignore the desire of the child. For that purpose, the child has to choose a path in which they do not desire in their life. Therefore, the conflicts arise in the life of the child and they become the prey of lack of self-confident and depression. The child wanted to become a writer, a singer or an artist but the parents wanted the child to become a doctor or an engineer. Because they think that in the profession like doctor and engineer there are enough opportunities for earning income. They are not aware that in this age of the internet anyone can earn a handsome amount of money. The only hindrance in the path of an individual is learning and doing.


Listen, dear Indian stereotypical parents carefully. The world is changing and so the opportunities. Anyone can be successful in any field they want. Let your child listen to their hearts about what they want to become in their life. They should be given full opportunity to choose their own path and the parents have the responsibility to realize the true interest, the dream of their child.  Because it is only when a person realizes his or her interest, passion in a thing then only they could be able to give their hundred percent in that thing. Nothing will be able to stop them in the path of the success. And overall they will be happy in their heart because of listening to their heart.


It is the responsibility of the parents to provide sex education in their homes to their children. The girl child is more vulnerable than the boy because of the lack of sexual education. Our government has not been able to bring a proper sexual education in the school and colleges. Therefore, the children learn about sex from their over matured peers, internet, and books which most of the time distract the child from the proper education and provide wrong information. Therefore, in the mind of the young child, a wrong answer to the question of sex is presented and they can’t understand about the normal sex. So, they contain a misconception about it and keep path in a wrong direction. The girl child can face more dangerous situations like rape, drugs addiction etc. The taboo about sex in the mind of the parents is yet to disappear from our society.


The parents don’t want to talk to the child about sex. When the family is watching television then if any unwanted scene appears then either the set is switched off or the channel is changed. What message does it give to the child? That sex is a bad thing, it is harmful and a thing of shame. Then the child will be more curious to know about it and therefore they become the prey of the evil. We can imagine this by the number of rapes happening in this country every day. This is a grave situation and very sorry state for the country. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to do their parts and provide proper sex education to their children.

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