To the Indian men: Treat the women as equal, not as your property

One of my highly educated and well-established friend got married.

“I asked him, what will your wife do after Marriage?” I knew that she is a graduate.


“She will be a housewife and stay at home. I will not let her work. Women change and may betray when she gets a chance. And if I let her go to work every day then she is bound to get into extramarital affairs.” He told me as a known person.

What a low grade, shameful thinking you have. I argued with him. But it was in vain. These type of people thinks about women as a mere thing not human.


Still, in our society, we can see that parents give more emphasis to the boys than girls in every matter. The boy can pursue higher studies from anywhere but the girl has to choose the local education system.

According to many parents of India,

“After all girls are girls. Boys are the future for their family. The girl is the ‘paraya dhan’, or others property who has to get married sooner or later.”


In some states, the dowry system is so prevalent that the girl’s parents have to keep aside the dowry money from the birth of the child.

One of my uncles was very sad one day. Therefore I asked him, what is matter, uncle?

He said, ” See dear, I have no boys but two girls. Now I have to save for their marriage from the day they are born. How unlucky I am.”

I was very shattered hearing this cruel reality of our society. where are we heading towards? I told him, “Don’t worry uncle, your girls are your biggest assets. Let them have a good education and all the facilities and you will see that they will make you and the society proud. Dowry taking and giving is prohibited by the law and both giver and taker have the same amount of guilty.”


Let the girls and women give enough opportunity, I am sure that they will make you and the country proud. We only have to guide them and they will choose their own path.

Women and men are born with the same amount of intellectual and capacity. Men may be physically more strong but when it comes to patience women have much more advantage than men. Look at the household activities the Indian women do daily! From the cleaning the house, cooking two to three times meals, taking care of children and husband and the parents, if it is a joint family then the women don’t get time to breathe properly. She has to forget about herself, to eat properly, to dress properly, forget about her hobbies and personality.


We have to teach our boys to treat the women as equal and with due respect from the childhood. Let us provide equal opportunity to our girls, women so that they can lead their life to the highest dignity and lead the country in their respective fields. Think for some time that from the times immemorial the Indian women are treated as sacred and goddesses are prayed and offered puja.

We don’t have to treat as goddesses or sacred human but as an equal fellow being. And let them flourish in their own way, give them the opportunity, show them the way.

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