To the Indian kids of this century

Kids of every generation is getting smarter than the previous one. They are getting more modern and technologically advance. This is the era of Internet. Internet has truly made the world a village. The mobile phone revolution is also very much responsible for this. The kids have become addicted to the Internet and they are busy in the virtual world.


Many great men said that T.V. is a idiot box. The television has made the people fat, lazy and worthless. They have abolished and suggested others watching television. Today, I am afraid that Internet has been taking the place of Internet. And it is more dangerous than Television. It is equally popular among the kids, adolescents and adults. It is taking our time, our friends and our purpose of life. I am not telling that Internet is bad or awful thing. It is the most incredible and very important thing invented by the human. It has bind together the human race as a whole. And it has endless good uses and possibilities. But it is the use which makes it bad or good. As it is easily and equally accessibile to all the kids and adolescent they tend to use it mostly for watching porns and other immoral things. It makes their mind dull and badly affect their mentality.


Therefore, it is my sincere urge to the kids and adolescents to use internet for information and learning. Rather than watching videos, movies and other time pass materials. It is the time for you to develop your skills, learn new things and step forward to find your purpose in life and when you find it then to never lose it. Life is very short. We have to use it for good and right things. Then only we would be able to enjoy the beautiful world in which we live.

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