Tips and techniques to write your first book

We all have a story inside us. And every story is unique of its own. Therefore, we all can become an author and write books. But if you do not love writing, probably you are not going to write a book because writing is hard. It is a very time-consuming and less rewarding in the short run.

But I know that you have the gut and patience to write your first book. And if you find happiness, entertainment writing then you may become a professional writer one day.

Here are 10 tips and techniques to write your first book.





My first tips for you to ‘Write’. Write anything which comes to your mind. If you think it is shit then write shit every day. No matter what you know or no nothing, write nothing. This is the basic rule of writing a book. You won’t ever going to have perfect words to write, thoughts that sparkle you at the beginning. Therefore, you have to write your bogus ideas and thoughts. After writing for a certain time and trials your original ideas will start to come out. And soon you will be writing from your heart and you will get fun and happiness.




Get up early:

This is very easy said than done. Because it is not always easy to wake up early in the morning in these days. The internet and social media are getting so much importance in our life that we can’t go to bed early enough to get up early. But if we able to then it can cause wonders for us.

In the morning our brain is fresh and clear of any unnecessary activities. If we can sit down and write down for two or more hours then our productivity will tremendously increase. Therefore, jot down some words while your brain is half asleep and your editor is not fully awake.





Reading is the base for writing. Read as much as you can. Read the great and canonical authors to get an idea about great literature. You will get ideas while reading, the technique to write, different forms and structures will be acquired by you. Therefore, first read a lot, read voraciously, extensively.




Take Notes:


Don’t just read, also take notes. Carry a notebook, cards, pocket diary, smartphone equipped with a note-taking app is a must. You will have to write while reading because no one can remember everything. If you jot down the important points you have read then your learning graph will increase. When you write then those things are stored in your permanent memory.

You will get another benefit carrying a notebook with you. Ideas tend to come at unexpected moments. If you don’t catch them and write in a journal, the app it is lost forever. Therefore, to take your writing to the next level take notes and carry a writing device all the time with you.






Stop writer’s block and  Procrastination:


Writer’s block and procrastination is the single most enemy of the writers.

To curb out writer’s block you have to stop writing and concentrate on reading. Read all the different topics you like, interesting and find useful. Go for a short vacation, leave your house and take a long walk to the meadows. Start writing when your interest returns.

To curb procrastination you have to exercise, meditate regularly in the morning. It will energize you physically and mentally. Your mental capacity to beat procrastination will increase. Also switch off the television, internet, and porn. Focus towards writing and better wonder will happen.



Set a word count goal for every day:

Writers world is different every day. Sometimes we feel very energetic and enthusiastic and can write much more fluently. And in some other days, it is very difficult to put down some words in page or screen. It is normal because we all are human and we have our ups and downs.

But if you want to excel in writing then keep a goal of word count for every day and stick to the schedule strictly. Stephen King, have a goal of 2000 words per day, even birthdays and Christmas. If you don’t have any goals then you won’t achieve anything as you are floating in a vacuum. Keep your own goal and follow it without fail.





Trust your intuition:


As we already know that every human being is different from each other so is the process of writing. Choose your own path. Follow your intuition while writing. You may not be following your planned plot, style while writing. It may lead to another place or style. So, let be it. Go with your unique ideas and creativity.





It is a wonderful software dedicated to writing. Scrivener is also a publishing tool and has some useful productivity tools.


There is provision to set your project target, say 1,00000 words, for example. And also the session target for example 2000 words.

To increase focus there is a compose mode where the screen is a total piece of a blank paper.




Enjoy the process:

There is no need to continue to write if you don’t enjoy. Creativity is hard and painful if you have no interest in it.

When you enjoy the process then your audience will also enjoy it. It shows in your writing.

Try to write by showing the audience the funny part. Funny part means not to write jokes. When you fill your writings with silly jokes, the people will skip that and soon you will follow the path.




Observe your surroundings:

We live in this wonderful world filled with nice people. They are different in color, creed, shape, and size. Their behavior, a way of living differs from each other. Observe all of them carefully. You will give an insightful story or plot to write.

And socializing more is helpful. You will watch their life and behavior. And then it is more easy and fruitful to embed them in your writing as characters.




How do you find these 10 tips and techniques to write your first book? Do you have any question? Feel free to add your suggestions.
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