There is no place for polygamy in India

This is a very popular website and I read it regularly. I enjoy it very much reading and learn lot of things from this blog which was updated in 2014 for the last time. The blogger Matt Walsh writes in Daily.wire regularly now. Today I have read this post from the blog and found it very much inspiring. You can read the post by clicking the link given below.
I am only concerned about a comment which is given below from a well-wisher of Matt.
Autumn says:
A woman’s reproductive environment must be kept clean. It is a warm, moist environment that bacteria etc., can grow and proliferate in easily if invaded. A man has a responsibility to respect/protect his wive’s body- especially her reproductive environment for obvious reasons. Being unfaithful has proved to be destructive and often fatal for women. Many women in third world countries, Muslim countries, India etc., (where cheating on one’s wife is culturally encouraged or acceptable,) are being killed or ravaged by STD.
 This is only a part of the comment and I have pasted only this portion because of the misunderstanding this women have regarding India. In the first hand, it is not acceptable and hell not culturally acceptable! How did that women even think of it? We Indians are most monogamous person in the world. You can tell by the percentage of divorce rate that we are the most loyal and faithful man in the world. Only recently the percentage is little bit rising in the metro cities that is also because of the influence of the west.
But yes, women are not treated right and given same status in many places. Rapes and killings are widespread and going out of hand but that does not mean that our society accept and encourages polygamy. The world will be shocked to know that men and women found in extra marital relationship are man handled by the society and call the police.
      Actually extra marital and before marriage sex is treated as taboo in our society and it doesn’t accept it and instead it throw away such people from the society. As only vegas is not US, the news of some unwanted instance is not the whole India. India is a land of ancient culture, religions and tolerance. There is no place for polygamy in our society.

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