There are certain things which you can’t change: Either live with it and move forward or just whine

Have you seen or just heard a child who cries all night just for no reason or for trivia? They stop their cry only to gather breath and to start again. How annoying are they feel? Imagine or remember it and think that are you doing the same thing? Are you not whining about your luck, skills, talent or health? Because many do it. They simply don’t do anything and just criticize others and starts whining that they have not given opportunity, power or the luck.


Life is not always easy going and it brings some very unforeseen situations and sorrowful moments. But what to do? You have to move forward even with those sorrows and difficulties. Arunma Sinha was raped, looted and thrown from the railway. She did not die and somehow managed to live when the villagers found her unconscious and brought to a nearby hospital. Did she lose hope and stay inside the home to live like a coward? No, she didn’t. She decided that she will climb the Mount Everest to strengthen her initiative against such horrendous crimes. And she succeeded to climb the Mount Everest. So, she taught us that we can live and go forward in life no matter what comes our way. It is not easy to even come out of her home after the barbaric incident. The questioning, jesting eyes of people and the society is already too much to bear. It takes enormous courage and willpower to overcome everyone’s queer look and their talks.



I lost my father twelve years ago in 2006, July 11. It was just after the World Cup final played between France and Italy. You can probably remember the incident of Zinedine Zidane. He loved football and we watched it together many times. Now, the football World Cup is going on Russia and I am watching it alone on the internet. After that, I have lost my only son just after four days of born. He was a tiny angel you know. How powerful he was to grip my fingers just after birth. I felt so sad deep inside and my heart cries with the tragedy. I really miss them both because they were very close to my heart. But have I lost the will to live? No, I have learned to move forward in life with their fond memories. That’s it. Remember the fond memories of your loved ones and continue to live your life meaningfully and purposefully.


No matter who you are or how much money you have you have, tragedy, hardship will occur in your life and you have to move forward and carry on.


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