The suicidal tendency: Lack of the core belief system

One of my ten standard students had committed suicide this year! What a tragic scene that was. I was not able to sleep properly for several nights. After the investigation, it is found out that he was mentally ill for several years. His parents also went to the mental hospital but there was no progress and he was already in the grip of alcohol and drugs. This is the first suicidal case which has shaken me harshly.


When I think about the many suicidal cases which are becoming epidemic has one core cause other than the mental illness. The mental illness and loneliness is not the main cause for rising amount of suicides in India. It is the lack of a belief system. The belief in God and in the self is lost in this hectic, restless society. People are so lost in earning, acquisition of material things that they lost the presence of God in their life. Therefore it can’t be the cause of mental illness when all the doctors and hospitals are available in every corner of the districts of India. It is the emptiness within our soul is the cause.


Our core belief system that was rooted deeper is weakening day by day. We have imported the concept of ‘Nihilism’ from the west. It is our bad habit that we only learn the bad things rather than good things from others. The Nihilist believes that there is only one life to be live off and they reject the concept of reincarnation and even don’t believe in God.


This emptiness of the soul is the main reason for increasing suicidal amount. When we lack in belief of God then we left no meaning and purpose of life. Therefore the self-belief or confidence is also shaken and vanished day by day. Which is a complete disaster.

We have to think that we are the children of God who are assigned to do their part in the life. God is with us every time, everywhere and in every situation. God loves us and he will call us when our time will be over. But the time is not yet till we complete the works assigned by God. Till then we have to live with joy, knowing that there is a meaning of everything we are doing and yet to do.

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