The only hope, savior for the citizen of India is The Supreme Court of India

Two recent news gives me hope regarding the Supreme Court of India, the highest judicial body in India. The first is that in India you can choose your own life partner if you are an adult. In Kerala, a girl Hadia was married to a Muslim man and converted into Muslim religion. I have seen the video where her mother is pleading her to come back in the courtyard but in vain. At first as a Hindu man, I was angry, intolerant and thought that it is not right. But after some time I could realize that it is her own decision and as an adult, she has the right to choose her life partner. The Supreme Court also said that it the Government or the parents, society can’t bar any adult from choosing their life partner irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

Just think that how Indians have been tolerant towards other religions from the past. And even today we can’t imagine Bollywood without three Khan’s i.e. Salman Khan, Amir Khan, and Shahrukh Khan. Do we even think for some time that they are Muslim? The answer would be straight no for the majority of people of India. But it is true that inter-religious marriage is not being accepted in India and it is not going to happen in the near future for sure. The society can boycott the person. But it can’t force them to do their way. In a mixed society and multi-religious country like India, it is time for us to be more tolerant towards individual liberty.


The other news I have read today is from an article of a renowned newspaper, THE HINDU. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry’s decision to set up a social media hub for monitoring online data was strongly criticized by the Supreme Court of India by telling that it would be “like creating a surveillance state”. The Highest court also said that the government wants to tap citizens WhatsApp messages and sought its response within two weeks.


Bravo! Supreme Court of India, you have again stand with the people of India. But I am not fully agree with you this time. Because we need to regulate the social media to some extent. At a extent where our privacy will remain intact and the abusers, violators of digital media rules should be brought to the book. Otherwise, through social media so much hatred, superstitions are spreaded that it has taken life of many innocent people in the recent past. And I am afraid it will continue to be so if it is not checked. And the only way to do so is by regulating the use of social media by the Govt to some extent. We can’t allow to continue these lunatic peeverts to continue to spread hatred and superstitions.

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