The No-confidence motion was the pre-test before the final examination coming in 2019 for the NDA Government

The opposition was very much sure that they couldn’t win the No-confidence motion against the NDA Govt. But they wanted to lower the spirit of the NDA, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They know that the main engine of the coalition government, their hindrance on the flowery path to the throne is none other than Shri Narendra Modi. Therefore, they planned to somehow kill his indomitable confidence, zeal, enthusiasm to fight the war against the Rahul Gandhi led Indian National Congress party.



But they have themselves patted their heads on the stone wall. With humiliating defeat in the vote count of No-confidence motion, it was confirmed that NDA, in the leadership of Modi is thriving and getting stronger day by day. It shows that the government has done nothing seriously wrong and on the path of development. Whereas, the people haven’t and won’t forget the family business ran by the INC for the decades. The INC only served the family and friends along with their dogs.

At least the Modi has no allegations of bribery, graft and money laundering till now. He works day and night, travels countries and places to improve relationships with the foreign nations and within the states of India. With the bilateral relationships with nations our collaboration of trade, culture and tourism will tremendously increase in due course of time. There are allegations that he dresses well, eats well and post videos of morning exercise, yoga, and meditation. The dress improves the personality and we will not want our PM to dress like a joker in front of foreign highest nationals. He eats well to keep him fit and fine to get going in his busy schedule. Where would he get the constant energy to work whole and till midnight without stopping?



The last allegation is morning exercises shown on the twitter. The twitter is used by almost every highest national from the Donald Trump to Narendra Modi. In fact, Narendra Modi has a large number of followers which are Indians. He wants to influence the people to wake up early and do exercise, yoga, and meditation to keep their mind and body fit and fine. We have yet to see the dramatic change in our country but we can feel the gradual change. And the changes which come gradually remains for the lifetime.

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