The housewife is the most wonderful women in the world: Look at the primitive cultures where the men go for hunting and the women look after the kids and other household activities.

Housewife is a word that is looked down as disgrace and insulting. Whenever I introduce my wife to my colleagues and friends then they only want to know what she does. Does she work outside the home in a government job? They don’t ask whether she is working or not. When they say that is she is working means that is she is working in a job or not. This is the most awkward situation I have been facing in my life. Because my wife is not a government job holder.


It embarrasses me when I see the mentality of the people.  It is not that she can’t get a job whether private or government. She has all the quality and essential qualification to get a job and she is also very much interested in the beauty industry. It is because we are planning to have a baby for which she has been staying home and I gave her freedom to choose her life and do whatever she likes.


One old relative asked me, what is your wife is doing now? Is she is into something? The question refers that does she has got a job.

I replied promptly, Yes, elder uncle she is looking after the house and household chores. She is doing fine and a very hard work. It means that we have to rely solely on my income but it is okay as we are very simple in living and making expenses. At this, he kept quiet and didn’t utter any word further.


In a marriage ceremony of a relative, both I and my wife were present. The atmosphere was electric, drums are rolling, people are dancing, reception is going on in full fledge. Everyone from the children to old is very happy and laughing in a good mood. Then the first question came from a friend of my better half. Do you have no children? We are planning to have one, my wife replied. She didn’t tell that our first child had died just after few days after born. It is still paining us tremendously like a wound. We are trying to revive ourself from pain when she again aimed another arrow.
Where are you working now? She asked.

I am a housewife. My wife replied.

Oh! It must be a very easy and relaxing life you’re living. I have a government job. And I don’t get any time for my family and the house. She said like as she is a multi-millionaire job holder.

That’s why I haven’t allowed my wife to work right now. Actually, it is her choice. It is not easy to be a housewife. A housewife has to look after the family, parents, and the household chores. It is very hard work from early morning to late at night. A service holder simply works from nine to five and then get time for herself or himself, but the housewife doesn’t. You get Saturday and Sunday off, she doesn’t. There is no leisure, no holiday for a housewife. If there will be no housewife then there will be no good house to live in.


How can you grow your children properly if they don’t get enough time from their parents? And read history and you will find that the men go hunting and women stays in the house and prepares the meals, feasts. Even in some regions and some parts, it is still prevalent.

I’m not against the working of women in any sort of job and work. But it should depend upon them and they should opt to look after the children as they are the natural rearer. Above all, as the men, it is our responsibility to earn enough to survive nicely without having to the women work.

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