The Hindu has published the post on August 02, ‘To what end this exercise’, which is about the NRC updating process of the State of Assam and it is not best suit for our national interest.

I don’t want to reiterate that the media is the fourth pillar of our democracy. It is the duty and responsibility of the media to uncover the truth and inform the mass about the good and bad going on in the country and the world. Therefore I respect them and everybody should. But the leading newspaper of India The Hindu has published this post which is not very best for our national interest. The article is ‘To what end this exercise?’ by Alok Prasanna Kumar a resident of Bengaluru. He has tried to say that in Assam the government and the court want to harass the public for nothing. He also allegedly blamed the Supreme Court of India for certain reasons.


Mr. Alok Prasanna Kumar has been not aware of the situation of Assam. Nor he tried to understand the feelings of the Assamese people. As they are in fear of their identity in their home itself. I don’t blame him because nobody who is not from Assam can correctly understand the grim situation which prevails in Assam. Assamese people are facing the danger of extinct due to these illegal migrants especially from Bangladesh. These Bangladeshi are everywhere from agricultural fields to construction, government job and even they are in the mainstream politics. Assam was in the top five states of India at the time of Independence but now it is from the bottom line. This has happened mainly because of the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. Because they have captured the lands, unprecedented growth of population which affected the states economy and polity.

I have been doing the NRC updating process for 3yrs, excluding my duty as an Assistant Teacher. If the process of NRC update continues to delay what will happen to the future of the students and other works in offices? As 52 thousand officials have been working day and night out.
We all know that it is not an easy process and the honorable Supreme Court does not have a magic wand to do everything correctly every time. They are learning from experiences and their faults. Therefore, there is the probability of change in the decision to exclude and include the Gaon Panchayat’s certificate to verify the married women. And above all as the Nrc upadating process is very gruesome work there is need to change the tactics regularly in order to get the correct data. People of Assam also want the updation of the NRC irrespective of religion, caste and creed. Yes, it is complicated and why it would not be? No body is experienced regarding it and their is bound to arise complex and complicated questions. But the Assamese people are so patient and hard working that they have bore every hardship for the sake of a correct National Register of Citizens(NRC).


Lastly, I want to confirm that from the 40 lakhs of people who are excluded from the consolidated final draft will get proper time and opportunity to enter their names. And I am sure that no people will be left after the final NRC who are true Indian Citizen, they will be given citizenship. There is nothing to worry about the true Indian citizens and no one will be able to escape if they are illegal immigrants of any other country.

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