The data revolution in India and its impacts: The things which I have observed and experienced

The JIO has changed the structure of data using in our country. Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in India has started the revolution of data in India. It began when he started the JIO company. It started giving free unlimited 4G data to every person who buys a JIO sim and uses a 4G compatible device. For years it provided free data and after that charged a very minimal amount to continue the benefits. The JIO has a grand success in the 4G arena but not for the very long time. Soon the other giants like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel and even the state own BSNL has made similar offers as JIO to compete with it. So, India has got lots of options and exciting offers regarding using data at a very cheap rate. You have to pay only 499 to get per day 2GB data for 90 days! Which was not imaginable before a year or so and it is wondrous if you compare with other countries data cost.

It has both good and bad effects on the entire population of India. It has but far more bad than good sides because to become a good user of the internet we have to become an expert on the internet. But most of the population is not fully aware of the function and power of the internet. Especially the youths are so much addicted towards porn and other bad things that rape has become an epidemic in India. The regional and National newspaper is full of daily news of brutal rapes, the murder of infants to 70 years older women.

The students of the primary class are used to watch porn, the rickshawala, workers, Mason, cobbler, Minister, Teacher watches porn. Not every one of them but most of them. Whenever I go to the market, my workplace, or somewhere else, be it morning, evening or night I saw that people are busy with their mobile phones watching videos. Be it watching of porns or other videos the excessive watching of these videos has made the people dull of their mind and gradually killing their creative ability. So, it is very easy to provide lots of cheap data, promote digital India but its bad impacts are very heart aching.  Nowadays, the spread of superstitions and rumors are so wide-spreading and terrifying that it had killed many innocent lives.

It is very hard to imagine what the porn impacts in the mind of the young and adolescents. Their mind diverts from the study and other useful activities, they become anxious, irritating and humiliating.

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