The bad impact of Youtube on the youths of India: Bhuban Bam, Carryminati etc.

YouTube is the king of the internet nowadays. Watching videos on Youtube is the new norm today and it is feared that it will overcome every other activity which we do online. In India, from the old to the newborn every one watches youtube videos when they get a chance. Between the working breaks, home, in the market, the older people don’t miss a chance to see a video or two. Some newborn and child only eat when they are given mobile phones in their hand. From the very young age, they are able to watch videos and other things on the internet, even the porns. Though we give emphasis that the child should not be able to watch porn but forget that youtube is also a very dangerous place for them. Today, I am going to discuss these two people who are doing and showing shit and making a bad impression on our younger generation.

The first is the channel called BB KI VINES. This channel is created and run by Bhuban Bam. He is so popular in India that he has 8.8 M subscriber now. But do you know what he does? He just makes comedy videos of different characters which are acted on by him. But his videos are of very lower standard where he rants double meaning words which we can’t watch with our parents. Think what impact will create in the mind of the young generation who have been following Bhuban Bam wildly? Here is the latest video from him watch it and tell that how it is suitable for our children. His sexually vulgar words and meanings are just craps. It impacts in the minds of the children and they learn these words and behavior which impacts their life badly.

In another video, he mocks teacher and students relationship with pathetic vulgar double meanings. Watch it here and say that what impact it will provide to the young students who are his biggest fans. Is our comic sense is so low graded that we have to listen to sexual double meanings which impact badly on the children’s mind in order to entertain us?

No, the Youtube should stop this type of activities of vulgar and sexual double meanings. His account should be ban immediately and all the videos are deleted so that our children’s can be able to stay away from these vulgar, abusive things.


The other channel is called the CarryMinati. Carry Minati is a reaction video channel. It mostly reacts to the most pathetic, idiotic, vulgar, insane videos. It has 3.7 M subscribers and so it is also a very popular channel. But look at these videos to which he reacts, How to get modern loveThe perfect brideThe Almighty stranger etc. People love these videos because of the comedy and the other level of nonsense in them. But have we ever thought that with these millions of views on the videos on these nonsense downgraded videos have helped them to become popular? If these type of people and their madness become popular then what impact it will cause on the young generation. Therefore, CarryMinati should be ban from youtube and his videos deleted.

I am not against the comedy and entertainment videos. We all need entertainment and a good laugh but not through unethical means. Not by destroying the future of our young generation.

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