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How Investment can make you retire early and enjoy life



Robert T. Kiyosaki is the author of the book “Rich dad Poor dad” which is a book on finance. When I read it I was amazed with its style of writing and the way he described the finance to us. It is in very easy language and swift to understand. Anyone can understand it even a class one student. He has revolutionised the idea of finance and financial freedom according to me. This is a must read again and again book who want to attain financial freedom.

I was a man without any direction in life. I love to read books and write anything here and there. When i read the book of Robert i knew that this is the turning point of my life. I want to earn lots of money, want to get rich and retire from my day job and attain freedom. I read the book many times and it is sure that i will read it in near future again. This is an excellent book to start your financial journey attain freedom of working at your own will.

I honestly declare that i am not a financial expert. But i am going to share what I learn and invest.

Acoording to Kiyosaki there is four type of people in this world. They are E, S, B, ans I. The E stands for Employee. The Employees are those people who want a job security. Whether of government or private. They live in a state of poverty paying the bills and saving for their retirement. S stands for the specialists like doctor, engineer, self employed etc. They earns a lot of money but they are not able to or ignorant of big investment and businesses.

B stands for big business with more than 500 employees. This is where the big money lies. And finally the I stands for Investment, professional investment. Professional investments in stocks and bonds can yield lots of money. These B, and I, people are the big players of the market. They can manipulate price and government.

I personally love the I, professional investment. Previous to reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I knew nothing about investment. All I know was to earn money, good job, chase your passion etc. But I know that to earn lot of money and to retain it for long term you need to know about investment, how money works. Money is just an idea, it is not a concrete thing. It is printed by the governments in bulks. So, if we just save money in banks then we can never cope with the rate of inflation, hence we lose our money in terms if value. Therefore, it is foolish to save money in the banks. Rather we have to learn investment to earn more money.

Kiyosaki has his favorite investment types in real estate and businesses. He like to acquire businesses that earns him rents and dividends. He has retired young and enjoy life to the fullest possible.


After going through the book several times I have decided to invest. I have a government job, i don’t deny that. But i have planned to ditch it as soon as possible. Therefore, i decided to learn investment and its all aspects. I have opened an online demat and trading account through Zerodha. Lord, it is so easy these days to open an trading and demat account from your home without visiting your bank or calling any broker. If you don’t learn and invest now then you will be a biggest loser of the century. In the coming post I will write about opening an account in zerodha, the online broker.

Thank you my dear friends. Stay blessed and may God be with you all the time.