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Control your anger or perish

No one in this world is free from emotions. Emotions are our expression of the self. We have to show our emotions in a way or other. If the emotions do not come out then our mind becomes full of trouble and distress. Therefore, don’t press down the emotions, rather release it to calm down the mind and the body.

Anger is also an emotion, a very strong emotion. If we aren’t able to control it then we will perish, destroyed. ‘Anger’ is a very dangerous emotion. It can destroy a man, families and even a country. A few days ago in my neighborhood, two people fought each other with weapons like the stick an iron rod. Both are injured and filed a case against each other. But then one of the man’s brother’s entered the house of the other and attacked him. The street fight went to the home. Therefore, the police had not left any choice but to put those three brothers in jail. Because of anger, they are now in jail for committing the crime like burglary, attempt to murder and extortion. In an instant, their life and carrier perished.

As ‘Anger’ is a very strong emotion and it is difficult to control. But it is not impossible. I am a very angry person. When the anger builds in my mind I become another person. My fist strengthens up and mind goes blank. It is very very tough for me to control it. It is well said than done. But I never back down and fight back with it. First of all, I try my best to not stiffened my fist and body so that my mind doesn’t go blank. Then I try to laugh inside and relax my mind. And lastly, I pray to God. I pray to God to release my tension, forgive someone who has done wrong to me and pray for their well being. In this way, I keep my sanity and the ‘Anger’ in control.


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