Supreme Court of India questions second chance for those left out of NRC Assam: A second chance is must be given to prove their citizenship.

The Supreme Court asked the Union Government whether it is giving a second chance to those 40 lakh people who were excluded from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam by allowing them to produce fresh documents to prove their citizenship. The apex court referred to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) proposed by the Government, which allows a claimant for Indian Citizenship to ‘change his legacy’ by submitting additional document at the ‘claim and objections’ stage.


The Court has asked the government why it wants to tinker with the family tree and re-doing the verification process? But the court is also agreed that it is dealing with “human problems of a huge magnitude”.

The Supreme Court can’t decide whether to allow the SOP by the government. But if we see it from the humanity point of view then everyone should get a second chance to prove their citizenship of India. Yes, it may sound anti-National and weird but it is the truth that many people has used legacies of others due to confusion and lack of understanding.


Prateek Hajela has said that reopening of family trees would risk the possibility of “trading of legacies or meeting of minds”. According to them giving a second chance would only result in the trading of legacies. He is right. The opening of the family tree will be an enormous task and there will be the misuse of this opportunity.


Therefore, it is the need of the hour to let the LRCR, CRCR, and DRCR take the decision whether a person is eligible for submitting new documents to change his legacy. Because in some cases the same family may use different legacies due to confusion. Everyone should not be allowed to submit new legacies especially those who have surrendered their legacy. It is a harsh reality that most of the people from those of 40 lakh will be able to prove their citizenship. Only a fraction will be declared as illegal foreigners and may be detained.

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