Smart writing tips for writers and bloggers

You are smarter than the people that surround you. You want to learn writing because you want to blog, write a novel or do content marketing. But you have failed to draw the attention of your reader. It is so frustrating. I know it because I have gone through that stage.


We all writers share some common dreams. We want to touch the heart of our readers and to get famous, financially successful. But most of the writer’s don’t even make $1000 a year! That is harsh. But that can be changed. How?
Write good or die!

Writing good is hard. As the competition in the writing world is high there is more demand to improve writing standard constantly. Therefore, I have compiled below some smart writing tips to help you improve your writing.



Smart writing tips

Personalize your writing:

I know that most content marketer out there will tell you to not say a single word about yourself or how do you feel. But does the readers love to read same boring contents every time? I don’t think so. People love to get personal. They want to know your perspective on a certain thing.
Put some of your own delicacies into your writing. People will relate to you sooner or later.




Write, write, write and write some more:

What does a writer do? Writer writes. This is so simple. The more you write more you will learn, develop your writing style, less will be writer’s block and procrastination.

This is the most important smart writing tips I want to share with you. You want to become a famous and successful writer? Then write every day, all the time when you are not doing other things.



Smart writing tips

Read and learn:

Read when you do not write. Reading is the foundation of writing. The more you read, the more you learn. You will come to the contact of great and famous writers through their writings. You will know their writing style and can learn it. Sometimes it is good to copy them until you develop your own.

Reading is so important that some great writers even say, “if you don’t have time to read then you don’t have the time to write.” It is clear that if you want to write well and influence people then you must read.




Write simple words:

Do you think people love to read big words and complex sentences? If you think yes, then you are wrong. Everyone loves to read simple words and simple sentences.

Write simple sentences in the present tense. Simple is more effective. It directly enters the reader’s mind and heart.




Write to the point:

Write your sentences to the point. There is no need to exaggerate when you can say your word in a few words. So make your sentences short. Short sentences are easy to understand and grasp.

To the point writing also means to write in active voice. People don’t like to read passive sentences too often.

Active voice= “The hunter killed the lion.”
Passive voice=“The lion was killed by the hunter.”

Write short paragraphs:

People are going more impatient these days. Why? It is due to the internet, social media, and less time for leisure. What is the impact of it on human behavior?

They became less patient. They want to read short paragraphs.

Break your paragraphs into many short ones. Put some useful pictures in between it.




Don’t repeat:

Repeating words and phrases, again and again, is boring. It will show you as an ignorant.

When you repeat the same words, again and again, your text becomes bored and uninteresting. Because of it readers will either stop reading your text or go to sleep.

See, I have already bored you.




Edit harshly:

Be a critic of yourself. Edit your work harshly. It is not easy to be strict on self, but it is necessary. Edit several times by yourself.

If you have some trusted friends then forward your text to them to edit.

There is another simple but effective way to edit your text. Read the text backward. Reading the text backward can show you the hidden and unexpected errors.

Write for the world:

English is a global language. Most of the people in the world understand and can read English. But not everyone is an expert. Therefore, it is better to keep your writings easy to understand. How do you find that you are writing is understand by the non-English speaking peoples?


Show your writing to someone from the non-English speaking country. If he or she understand it then you are good to go ahead.



Plan your text:


Planning is essential in writing. Whether you are writing a novel, short story or content for your blog, planning gives you the framework ready to work on. You can write down the plan in a notebook, computer or simply plan it in your mind.

Planning is the half work done. It saves time and structures your thought. And you will have to work less to polish your text after you have planned everything.


Learn correct grammar:

Correct grammar is the cherry on the top of a cake. If your grammar is not correct your writing will lack the ability to convey the correct meaning.

I recommend the book “The Elements of Style” written by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White to keep beside you. This small but valuable book is one of the most comprehensive resources to use correct grammar and other useful topics.




Be unique and innovative:

The world is full of mediocre people and works. Nobody cares about them. If you want to be different from the herd then you have to act differently. Do not be a copy-cat.

Use your inner intuition to be unique. And try to innovate new ideas and ways. Lead the world, show a new path.




Research your work:

People love to read data and percentage. Our brain is so used to it that when it sees data and percentage it believes them as authentic. Use this strategy in your writing to empower it.

Research your work thoroughly, and people will love it and believe in it.

These are the few smart writing tips for you to improve your writing. How did you find it? Please share if you have any smart writing tips in your mind.


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