Selfishness and intolerance is an epidemic in India now

I have taken a housing loan from the State Bank of India, the most reputed Bank of India under Government sector. Somehow with lots of hustle, I was able to get the loan sanctioned. After finishing my first installment I have deposited the required documents and application for the second installment of the loan. But the officer in charge told me to come in after two weeks because he has too much work pending. I thought it is okay, they are the very busy man so let me wait. But after two weeks when I went to meet him then I have learned that he has taken a leave for one week. This time also I thought that there must be some emergency, so let me wait for another week. But today, when it is the fourth week of my application I have again learned that he has extended his leave for another week. It is embarrassing, really, your workers are working, the hardware shopkeepers are screaming and your all deposits are gone into the house which you are building.


Yes, he is must be in an emergency, I understand, but he can render his works to others. He should have taken the responsibility by giving his works to be completed by others. This is very insensitive, irresponsible and selfish. And the system of the SBI is also awkward and pathetic. Even the boss of a person is not authorized to look at his affairs. Strange! This deep arrogance and selfishness have been growing in every field and place in India.


Today was a very interesting day. I have learned so much about the behavior of the people today. This is a situation I have faced today at a courier facility called ECOM Express. They haven’t delivered the thing I ordered and instead gave the report that delivery is failed. They have only tried to contact me with the mobile number and not went to my house which they are supposed to do. They couldn’t connect my number and so instead of delivering labeled it as a failed attempt to deliver.


The courier was for a friend, therefore, I went to the courier facility and told them about the parcel. They told me to wait because they have so-called so much work. They have begun to meddle the parcel by throwing it here and there. How insensitive and senseless they are, I thought. In between they have been watching their phones, calling customers and doing other household activities. After three hours of waiting they handed me my parcel which took them hardly couple of minutes to search for.



This insensitiveness and selfishness are so widespread in India that people are lynched, murdered, raped. At this pace of selfishness, egoism, our country is degrading, unhappiness growing and the quality of life is getting worst.

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