Return of Indian illegal migrants from U.K.: When the Bangladeshi’s will be send back to Bangladesh?

It is hard to believe that Indians are being terminated from The U.K. because of living illegally there. And how many days they have given to the Indian authorities you think? Only 15 days for the persons with the possession of valid documents! And the security agencies in India were given 72 days to verify the antecedents of document less illegal migrants. They have also made it clear that if no report was produced within the stipulated time, then the illegal migrant would be deported automatically.


The agreement which was assured to sign by Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju during his visit of London earlier this year is now on indefinite hold after the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval conveyed that the 15-day time limit is unworkable. This is only an example of the western countries promptness and advancement. They want to and will sure be able to terminate the illegal migrants from their whole country within 15 days! And with all the blah blah of technological advancements of our country, we have not been able to identify the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh even after three years passed from a small state of India, i.e Assam. What a shame on us! We have to learn from these nations like the U.K., the USA to expedite the process of identifying and deporting the illegal immigrants from India.


Our officials and governments are taking the trial and win method of dealing with the problem. They are learning by doing the wrong things first which is great for a grade one student for learning how to draw. But as a matured person and adults we had to have a plan by contemplating the situation. But w think we are all in one and know everything. We are ashamed of learning from others even if it wastes our infinite time to do it our self. And there is the fortune to be made in the process of identifying the illegal immigrants! Most of the officials from top to bottom will be benefited by taking bribes, forging documents and misusing the government funds. The money meant for the lower grade officials will be grafted by the higher officials, at least most of it.


With this type of anomaly and the uncountable holes in the system, it is a tough ride for the Indians to cope with the pace of those western developed countries, forget about competing them. And there is a big (?) whether we will be able to terminate the illegal immigrants from Assam.


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