Relationship of India-China

McMohan line, or the border between India and China is always has been questioned by China. They still feel and want Arunachal Pradesh telling that it is Southern Tibet. But Arunachal is an integral part of India. Apart from this the recent Doklam standoff also has worsen the situation.

But India-China can become a good neighbor and friend. It is the need of the hour that these two Asian giants step up together with hand in hand. For this, first of all China have to stop supporting country like Pakistan which is a terrorist producing country. And India should also show good intention to resolve the tention and difficulties with talks and bilateral relation.


There will be major benefits of the friendship and bilateral relationship of these countries. Some of them are:

1) Trade: These two countries have a tremendous potential on bilateral trade. China is getting more advantageous position with India. China is no. 1 in producing cheap products though often with less quality.

India should increase it’s export to China with quality and cheap products. Then the Chinese people will embrace our quality products. And India’s trade deficit will decrease.


2) Culture: Though the culture of India is very different but the north-eastern regions have some similarity with the Chinese people. By exploring the cultural traits of both country and mingling them will result opening of many answers regarding human behavior.


3) Fight terrorism: India is most affected by the terrorist activities. China and India can go together to fight all kinds of terrorism and bringing peace to this region. And this will impact the world positively and more countries

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