How to attain freedom by loosing the Self

The main reason for our slavery and misery is attachment. The more we are attach with a thing more we will become slave and more we will be hurt. There is no escape from it. Because if we wish for happiness then there will be sadness. If we wish for success there will be failure. They all are the other side of the same coin. And the highest attachment for us is our own body. We love our physical self so much that we can’t think of it decaying and ageing. But it is sure to happen and inevitable.

So, there is only one solution of it. Being unattached to everything. Attachment is the primary cause of all misery and sadness. One can be unattached even in a roaring battlefield like Arjuna. Lord Krishna in the battlefields of Kurushetra told to his friend Arjuna that do your duty without thinking about any other thing. You are a kshatriya or warrior s you must fight. You are not doing it because you want to you are doing it because the Lord want you to fight. Do your duty and rest it to God. We are nothing and can do nothing. Only God is doing behalf of us and we all are just his messanger.

We have to work incessantly, but give up all attachment to work. Like the lotus leaf in the water; the water can’t touch and adhere to it; so we should be like it working and doing our duty by not attching with it. We don’t have to be a yogi and go to the mountains but we have to give up the self and think about the well being of others. The Lord will take care of us. Then you will attain true freedom and always be happy.

Rules of Warren Buffet’s to become a billionaire investing



Warren Buffet is the second richest person in the world after Bill Gates the owner of microsoft. Buffet is known as oracle of Omaha. He is an ace investor and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He started investing at the age of 11.

The first rule he follow is of saving. Saving as much as you can make you a billionaire. Buffet was born in a middle class family. He begun to sale newspaper at the age of 11 and started saving and investing from then. He quoted that “if you buy things which you don’t need more often then one day you have to sale the things which you most need”. According to him saving is the ultimate strategy and first rule of gaining your financial freedom.


Take as an example that if you save and invest 4 thousand per month then in 35 years it becomes 35 crores. How amazing it is! And if you save and invest the same 4 thousand per month for 77 years then guess how much money you will gather? Don’t be shocked that you will have 2 lakh crores! Peace. Don’t be discouraged by the years you have to put in but in reality you can get insane rich much quicker. You have to study, learn and develop your investment strategy to earn quickly.



Buffet says that don’t run for the shiny objects. Because everything that glitters ia not gold. Treat others as you expect from others to treat you at the same manner. He again advice us to live life by thinking that whatever you do today will come at the front paper of tommorow. Keep good contact with everyone because you never know when someone will become useful and powerful. Be truthful and run your business with integrity.


For investing purpose he follow this rule strictly. Sale when the price of the share is increasing very much and everyone buying. And buy when the price of the share is going down and everyone is selling. This is a simple and most important strategy. But not easy to execute because it is very hard to buy when everyone is selling and in panic. But you have to be disciplined in order to learn and success investing.

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, and its impact in Assam

Citizenship (Amendment) bill, 2016

Citizenship (Amendment) bill, 2016

Assam is a beautiful land with big rivers and hills. Its terrain is uneven and fertile. Assam is a land of forests and animals. But its beauty and abundance waves many outsiders to come to it and live here. Alas, they most are illigal foreigners than travellers.

Bangladeshi nationals both Hindu and Muslims come illigally to this land and begins to stay here, vote and becomes a citizen. For that reason many strikes and protests are being held in the state from time to time. But there is no impact whatso over upon it. Illigal migrants continues to come in and get out of the state, fencing the border seemed sn impossible task.

National Register of Citizens (NRC) updation is going on in Assam from 2015. It is almost half past 2018 but it is still not finished. Many state and other elements are against the NRC updation process as they are not helping the Govt of Assam by checking the documents provided to them. And the base year of this NRC updation is 24 December, 1971.

Now Assam is again sitting on a ball of fire. Because of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 is aimed to give citizenship tothe Hindu Bangladeshi nationals who came to Assam till 31 March, 2014. Therefore the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) has came to Assam.

But the Assamese people is protesting this act vehemently. No Assamese people want to give citizenship to any foreign nationals whether Hindu or Muslim. They are secular people and not believe in religious bias and racism. If the act is tried to enact forcefully then the situation and law and order will deteriorate. The young generation may be encouraged to join terrorist groups like ULFA. There will be widespread protests, bandhs and strikes.

Therefore, center and state government should think and analyse numerous times and properly before enacting any unwanted law in Assam.

How Investment can make you retire early and enjoy life



Robert T. Kiyosaki is the author of the book “Rich dad Poor dad” which is a book on finance. When I read it I was amazed with its style of writing and the way he described the finance to us. It is in very easy language and swift to understand. Anyone can understand it even a class one student. He has revolutionised the idea of finance and financial freedom according to me. This is a must read again and again book who want to attain financial freedom.

I was a man without any direction in life. I love to read books and write anything here and there. When i read the book of Robert i knew that this is the turning point of my life. I want to earn lots of money, want to get rich and retire from my day job and attain freedom. I read the book many times and it is sure that i will read it in near future again. This is an excellent book to start your financial journey attain freedom of working at your own will.

I honestly declare that i am not a financial expert. But i am going to share what I learn and invest.

Acoording to Kiyosaki there is four type of people in this world. They are E, S, B, ans I. The E stands for Employee. The Employees are those people who want a job security. Whether of government or private. They live in a state of poverty paying the bills and saving for their retirement. S stands for the specialists like doctor, engineer, self employed etc. They earns a lot of money but they are not able to or ignorant of big investment and businesses.

B stands for big business with more than 500 employees. This is where the big money lies. And finally the I stands for Investment, professional investment. Professional investments in stocks and bonds can yield lots of money. These B, and I, people are the big players of the market. They can manipulate price and government.

I personally love the I, professional investment. Previous to reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I knew nothing about investment. All I know was to earn money, good job, chase your passion etc. But I know that to earn lot of money and to retain it for long term you need to know about investment, how money works. Money is just an idea, it is not a concrete thing. It is printed by the governments in bulks. So, if we just save money in banks then we can never cope with the rate of inflation, hence we lose our money in terms if value. Therefore, it is foolish to save money in the banks. Rather we have to learn investment to earn more money.

Kiyosaki has his favorite investment types in real estate and businesses. He like to acquire businesses that earns him rents and dividends. He has retired young and enjoy life to the fullest possible.


After going through the book several times I have decided to invest. I have a government job, i don’t deny that. But i have planned to ditch it as soon as possible. Therefore, i decided to learn investment and its all aspects. I have opened an online demat and trading account through Zerodha. Lord, it is so easy these days to open an trading and demat account from your home without visiting your bank or calling any broker. If you don’t learn and invest now then you will be a biggest loser of the century. In the coming post I will write about opening an account in zerodha, the online broker.

Thank you my dear friends. Stay blessed and may God be with you all the time.


Twelve years a slave: What the movie taught me

“Twelve years a slave” is a book written by Solomon Northup. No, I have not read the book yet. But today I have watched the movie. Long live the internet giving opportunity of a lifetime, every time. This is the true story of Solomon Northup.

It is 19th century America, in 1953 when he released the book. He fought for the slaves which were negroids. In this film we can literally test the miserable lives of the slaves. I am not going to talking about the characters and cast of the film. But I want to talk about the unhuman life of the slaves and how it has impacted me.

A slave in 19th century America means just like a bullock. It is worser than the animals we rear, atleast they are given proper food, not sexually exploited and not beaten without doing anything wrong. They were had no rights, even to live. The owners of the slaves have the power to kill anybody for no reason. They were forced to work in the field of sugarcane and cotton. After work they were beaten with hunter, just a regular treat!

The life of the women slave was very miserable. They were physically and sexually exploited. They had to face brutal tortures. Even the children were not excused. This type of tortures and inhuman condition is again seen in Hitler’s concentration camp. It seems to me that Hitler was inspired by the slaves tortured life and their miserable condition.

Now it has abolished in USA. Negroids are given as equal status everywhere there. But is it really so? I doubt so. By following news anyone can say that they are treated as second class citizen and many people still hate them. It is called racism there. And racism is not confined only in USA. It is in every country more or less. It is our duty to curb out any type of racism so that peace and tranquility may prevail in this world.

Peaceful mind does the wonder

peaceful mind

peaceful mind

Swami Vivekananda writes in his book “Karma Yoga” that ‘We help ourselves not the world’. But foolishly think that we help the world or we can! How true this is if we think deeply.

                                      We often try to overdo certain things. When the pressure of this over action burden hits our shoulder we begin to trempled. The peace of mind is lost and become fanatic and desperate. Then it slowly take over us and we become depressed. Depression leads to poor quality of life and degrades it.
                                  Nobody can change a bit in this world. The world is already perfect and everything is in order. Humans can do no good or evil to the world. Because the world has its own way of functioning. A volcanic eruption, an earthquake can destroy cities or even civilizations. Therefore keep calm. Whenver desperation, fanaticism comes to your mind just sit back and relax. You can’t help the world.
                                     All we can help is to ourself. We satisfy our ego by giving alms to the poor. We are blessed because we have got the opportunity to offer our money, labour and advice to the poor, ill and needy. It is only a feel good factor for us. We benefitted from it as we get satisfaction from it.
                                      In all this hustle think for a while and remember it always. Nothing in this world is going to change if you die today. The world remains all perfect according to by itself. So, why this hustle? And when we are calm and peaceful whatever we do becomes great and very useful.

6 Years of marriage life (What a wonderful life!)

Hi friends, me and my belovet wife have crossed 6 beautiful years together. What a wonderful ride this six year have been for us. I wish to God to continue our fantastic relationship till the end of our lives. This is a great thing that after many ups and down in life we are together and vow to be forever.

Otherwise, the divorce rate is increasing, household violence is everywhere and extra marital relationship is widespread. There is no trust within the family. A choas in the society is going on. But we have managed to overcome every negativity in our life. We have done it by understanding the following things:


1) Understanding and Compromising:

You may say that compromising is not my way. By compromising they mean to lose their own ego, superiority. But compromising is in the sense that we have to try to understand their situation, view and their perspective. By understanding them we can compromise our unwanted, worthless ego. And everything reciprocates itself. So your spouse will also do the same in return.


2) Give time:

We can buy many things with money but time. Time is limited and very precious for us. Therefore we often forget to or ignore to spend quality time with our family. Because of this there forms a bridge or gap in between the family and loved ones.


3) Travel:

“Who does not travel sees only a page of life”, a great man said. Travel doesn’t only provides knowledge, but it also keeps the loved ones closer. It teach us to look at life through different angles. Hence it teaches us to see others perspectives and observations. By travelling together you will be able to know each other deeply and understand your qualities and flaws.


4) Remain faithful:

No matter what always remain faithful. Without faith in yourself and within each other there will be no peace. And where there is no peace, only demons live there. Though this is written in number 4 but it is the no. 1 rule, theory of surviving, thriving in a relationship. Be loyal and faithful towards your partner no matter what.


By practising these points or theories I have been able to live happily in my married life though many huge obstacles were in our way. I pray everyday and keep trust in God. With his blessings everything is possible in life. So, stay healthy and happy and blessed. I pray for you for your overall wellbeing.


India post payment bank. Do we really need more banks?

Our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has done a commendable job to open bank account of many people who were never thought of possibly opening an account. He rightly executed the ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’. He made it easier to open a bank account for villagers, poor and women. The Yojana was executed through the government run State Bank of India. But now banks have declared their minimum deposit level of cash. Failing which will be penalised by cutting an interest monthly. Is the poor is reaping the benefit of banking or banks are reaping off their small pockets?

Now, here comes a great news. ” Union Minister of state for communications Manoj Sinha on Sunday said that as many as 650 branches of the India Post Payments banks are likely to be operational  across the country by next month i.e. May.

This is not happening. There is no need of additional banks in our country. Specially the banks run by central government. Government should focus on improving the existing banks to topmost level. Because there is lots of drawbacks in our govt banks.

The govt should improve the following things immediately to compete with their private counterparts.

1) Customer Service:

Being a customer of State Bank of India I know that their service is pathetic. Many employees are rude and careless towards their customers. So, the employees should given proper training from time to time.


2) Faster delivery:

Today is the age of faster internet. But government own banks server remains often down. They delay transactions and delays the overall work.

The delivery of loans are not fast and efficient. Be it car loan, housing loan or a personal loan. An immediate improvement is needed in this regard.

3) New Technology:

The technology using by our banks is outdated. They are not efficient to perform high speed transactions. It is time to introduce Blockchain technology to our banks. Blockchain technology is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.”


With this I want to say that I am not against including more banks for people. But at first the government have to improve the functioning of the existing banks. It is no need to open more same kind of businesses when you are not earning any profit. If the current banks perform up to the mark then there would be no need of new banks for our country.

Follow your passion to suceed in life

Life is full of opportunity and chances to achieve what you want. You have to know what you want and when you want. That’s it. But there is a twist in this simple sentence. We often really don’t know or confuse what we want. We think that we want this and that but in reality we have never listen to our heart and inner self. Rather we try to fulfil our shallow thoughts which are not desired by us in reality.

Therefore, we fail to achieve those things in life. And actually if we think from our heart then we find that it actually doesn’t matter. Because we really don’t care for them. So, it is very clear that listen to your heart carefully. Listen what it really wants to achieve. Then go for it with all your effort and wholeheartedly. Sooner or later success will be yours.


I often thought that I want to be a Youtuber and an actor. I tried both but failed vehemently. Later on I realised that I am camera shy, my dialogues are not clear and much more negative things. I could have definitely cleared those faults with hard work but I didn’t. There is only a reason for this. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing. It didn’t came out from my heart. So I thought that there is no need of doing things just because you will have money or fame. It is more important to follow your heart and real dream.

Suppose, I like reading and writing. I can start a blog, write a book, articles for online and offline magazines etc. to earn. In the meanwhile doing what I like I may be able to earn a lot and become famous. It really a matter of realizing your true self and time. I have seen many bloggers became influencers and writers. I often watch “Mumbiker Nikhil, and One world One ride, Gaur Gopal Das” and many more Youtube channels. They all are tremendous influencing channels and they are star in their fields.


Therefore, take enough time to find your true passion. And when you are able to find your passion then go for it with leaps and bounds. Never look back again. Remember that success is different for different people and no people are same. There is no specific time to begin and end or retirement. Wish you a grand success in your life.

How popular you are?

Everyone want to be popular, almost everyone. There is very few people which can be counted in one’s finger who doesn’t like to be popular. To be popular is an inner desire of every human being. Being popular means love by, respected by and wanted by others. We as a human being crave for love, respect and feeling important. Our all these egos are satisfied when we are popular. At least we think so.

Today, in this age of high speed internet it is very easy to be popular. You can be a Youtube Star, e-book writer, or a website owner. Not everyone does this will be popular but there is a chance for everyone to try. There is enough opportunity, space for all to show their talent and skill.

Apart from the internet we have our own life and its ups and down. It is this life in which we crave for love and attention. We want to be loved and wanted by all. But many people can’t find the way through. They feel dissolute and lonely. No body likes them and people don’t want to be with them. They have no friend and they are depressed for that. The main reason may be different for this situation but the solution are same. Yes, there are solution of this and it is not very difficult. Otherwise, I have seen many people destroy their life because of not liked by many. They live a depressed life and often tend to fall into bad habits of drinking and smoking.

I have found that there is only two method by practicing which you could become a very popular person and likd by all. They are…

1) Open your heart to all:

Love all beings qith your heart. Don’t try to show love from external and bleed from within. Practice to love all intentionally without any hope of return or profit. When you love an other being without any expectation they will feel it and return the favour. Be a genuine lover of all living creature. It will be difficult at first but it will become your personality.


2) Remember names. Name is an extremely important thing for humans. When my friends or collegues don’t call me by my name or I feel that they forgot my name then I feel that they are ignoring me. They are not showing enough respect for me and they don’t like me. That’s also the case with other people when you can’t remember your name. It is very important to remember names. If you remember the names of every person you meet then sooner you would be a very popular person.


With this I end today’s blog. Don’t hesitate to post any comment and suggestions.