7 simple ways to live life awesome

Living an awesome, good life is a dream of all. We want to be happy, successful and healthy. So, here are 7 simple ways to help you immensely to live a wonderful, awesome life.

List of points

  • Walk barefoot

  • The chair exercise

  • calculate your bills

  • Three cups of coffee a day

  • A bowl of card

  • Boil your toothbrush 

  • Magical cocoa

  • Make your own garden

Walk barefoot:

Walking barefoot is also known as an earthling. Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass, and soil. It has tremendous benefits. It increases antioxidants, reduces inflammation and improves sleep.

Researchers found that walking barefoot has a long list of benefits such as benefited skin conductivity, moderated heart rate variability, improved glucose regulation, reduced stress, immunity, reduces heart disease risk, reduces cancer risk, improve cardiovascular health, moderate weight and prevent diabetes.


The chair exercise:-

Stand up from a chair without the support of hand. This is an exercise. Yes, if you stand from a chair without using your hands then, your thigh muscle and buttocks will strengthen. It will be very helpful at the later age.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The technique is that you have to place your feet firmly on the ground, tighten your stomach muscles and then clasp your buttocks and slowly stand up with an ease.


Calculate your bills:-

While you are in the market for shopping, keep a mental tally of your cost. You just keep a mental tally of your cost. You just add the cost of every item you have purchased in your mind. It is a mental exercise.

This small mental challenge will activate your “Working memory” part of your brain which is crucial for focus, concentration, and planning.


Three cups of coffee a day:-

Any type of coffee is good for your health. Whether it is instant, espresso or decaffeinated. The presence of phytochemicals or antioxidants in coffee gives protection against diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. It also improves cognitive function, improves reaction time, boosts memory and lowers the risk of Alzheimer.


A bowl of curd:-

A Cambridge University study last year showed that one small pot (120 gram) of low-fat fermented curd eaten regularly was enough to cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 28%.


Boil your toothbrush:-

A toothbrush is breeding ground for bacteria. Scientists at Manchester University in the UK found that the average toothbrush contains 10 million germs including a high percentage of potentially dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli.                                                                                                                                                    Therefore, to kill these bugs, rinse the brush every few days under boiling water.


Magical cocoa:-

Researchers at Columbia University Medical center in the US found that antioxidants in cocoa can improve the memory of older people. Men and women aged between 50 to 69 years performed better and faster in memory tests after three months of drinking a brew rich in high doses of cocoa flavanols. The participants at the beginning of the research had the memory of a typical 60-year-old and after three months their memory was equal to a typical 30 to 40-year-old people.


Make your own garden:-

The most of the green vegetables found in the market are very unhealthy for your body. Because farmers use many pesticides, insecticides to raise the vegetables to increase the productivity. Therefore it becomes inappropriate to consume unless it is organic.                                                                                                     What is the solution to this? You can make a small garden in front, backside or on the roof of your house. Use only organic manures and home decomposed materials. It will serve your daily needs of vegetables. You become healthy by eating fresh vegetables and fit by working for it.
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Three habits that instantly drives you to success in life

We live our life by habits. Build good habits and you are on the way to success in life and vice-versa. All the successful people from different essential habits for them. Some even wear the same pair of clothes again and again.


So forming habits is an essential factor in your life. Therefore, here I present three habits that will instantly lead you to have success.


  1. Add positivity in life

  2. Action to beat procrastination

  3. Morning mantras.

1) Positivity:

This is the essential habit there out in the world. If you are not positive in your attitude, probably you are not gonna do well. You have to add a positive viewpoint to everything in your life.

Hack it is very easy to say stay positive, be positive. I have always said to myself whole lots of years to stay positive in difficult situations. But it did not help me at all. My life remains poor, helpless and emotionally devastated.

But hey, there is a way to really active positive vibe in our life. By BEING positive, other than to be positive. By BEING positive means to cultivate positivity from your inner self. We can cultivate positivity by-

  1. a) Praying regularly: Pray to your god regularly in the morning and evening. It will develop self-confidence in you and slowly fill positivity in your life.
  2.                  b) Meditate: I can’t leverage the benefit of meditation in words. Only five minutes of it will do. You will unlimited positive vibes for the day.



2)ACTIONTo beat the Procrastination:

I had been procrastinated for many years. I know it is hard not to procrastinate. I delayed my works for as long as possible. I have skipped post-graduation, Teachers training institute and many important works in my life. This is a sheer waste of time. You have to get out of it. Act now.

‘Action’ is the only effective way you can beat it. Figure out what is most important and work on those first. After that figure out you like to do most. Do more of those works and it will make you comfortable. Slowly leverage the thing you like most and then do it for the rest of your life. You will never procrastinate again.


3) Morning Mantras:

Morning Mantras doesn’t mean the charms of the holy books. It simply means to wake up early in the morning and follow some mini habits. Though these are mini habits, they will make you successful instantly.


You know I was a very late riser. In my boarding school, we have to rise 4.30 in the morning. I felt like the most unfortunate boy in the world. But it did well in my life. Though I could not carry on that in the later years, until now. I wake up at 5 am every day.


Do you know that all the successful people in the world wake up very early in the morning? From Mahatma Gandhi did it too and CEO’s of different multinational companies does it. Every successful people in every sphere of life follow the morning mantras.

                                      a) Physical Exercise:

Half an hour of physical exercise in the outdoor is the best way to start your day. Physical exercise opens our eyes open and boosts concentration. And you will be healthy. Instead of physical exercise, you can also choose to play an outdoor game like football, cricket, golf etc.

                                       b) Mindful breathing:

To do mindful breathing you have to concentrate on your breathing. 5 minutes every day will do the job. Sit straight in an open space and breath in slowly. Concentrate on the breath and then slowly release your breath without breaking your concentration.  First few days will be difficult for you to concentrate. The mind will divert in many ways but it is okay. Practice it every day no matter what and you will slowly begin to get results.

                                      c) Meditation:

Above, in the point 1, I have said about meditation. You have to do it in the morning. Find more about meditation here.


                                       d) Read:

This is my favorite part. Reading is the best medicine according to me. In the morning a five-minute reading will do the job for you. Not if you are a professional writer though. You know Bill gates reads a book in a week and Warren Buffet is an extensive reader. And not to tell about Oprah Winfrey!


Just jot down the points which you have to do today. Only five minutes of writing your to-do list for the day will remind your works. And you will on track for the whole day and have a happy ending to each day in your life.

Make these three things your habit for life. You will find that your life is instantly boosted up and beginning to have success in life.

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What 10 things you can do right now to become better writer

If you really want to be successful in life then you have to act. You can’t just sit idle and hope for success. Create it and earn it. Here are the ten things which I found very helpful for me to achieve success in life. It will be immensely helpful for you also.


Wake up early in the morning before the sunrise: 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We have heard the proverb ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,’ but never follows it. But it is really very important to wake up early. When you wake up early you have more time to do things. That means you become productive. Your ability to take decision will increase. You can be able to adapt to a situation and problem-solving along with analytic ability will increase. And you will also be benefited by the early sunshine which provides vitamin D.


The better part is that you will remain active, energetic whole day and achieve more success in every field of your life. Positivity enters into your life and it becomes happier studies found when you wake up early in the morning. And when you make it your daily habit then your internal cycle improves and you can sleep soundly.



Exercise regularly.


Exercise is the fundamental need for your body. And in a sound body lives a sound mind. I don’t care what you do, how you do but you have to exercise regularly no matter what. Physical exercise is a mood swinger. It increases your physical strength and ability to work hard. It adds up more years to your life. It prevents diabetes, heart attack, cancer and many more diseases. It is very useful to lose your excess weight and to maintain the ideal weight for your body.




Practice meditation and Pranayama every day:


Go to a park or a field with a clean and green atmosphere. Choose a quiet place facing the sun. If the time is morning it is better. Bring a sitting mat with you. After you have done morning exercise, take your place and sit down straight. First, do pranayama for ten minutes. It will open your blocks and you will get more oxygen. Then it is time for meditation. Concentrate on your breath. Inhale and exhale slowly. Do not worry it will improve as the days pass by.




Find your passion and work on it to make it your ultimate goal:


If you have not found your passion then work on it. Finding your passion means deciding what you would do for rest of your life. How to find your passion? Think of what you like to do and make a list of it. No matter what comes to your mind, just jot it down. Then read the list carefully several times. Now cut the points which you do monthly. After that cut the points which you do weekly and occasionally.


Now you should have the points which you do every day. Carry on doing that thing every day and forget about those you have cut down. Continue to do the things which you enjoy doing regularly. If it is more than one thing, it’s all right. Eventually, you will find the particular thing you are really passionate about. Then stick to it together in your whole life and make a career out of it. Then you would have to never work again.




Read every day as much as possible:  


   Reading was the, is the and will be the most important way to learn. The more you read your intelligent and understanding will increase. You can be able to tap the vast knowledge the book has to offer. BThe benefit will be yours from those who set foot on earth before you and were very wise.                                  Some of the other benefits of reading are.


  1. a) It calms down our mind and keeps away stress and tension.


  1. b) Increases your creativity as reading provokes us to think.


  1. c) It spikes your vocabulary, sentence structure, and even your thought process.




All the time if you are in writing business and at least keep a journal if you are in other fields. Writing is the most powerful way to express yourself. We can write from our heart and can tell the things which we hesitate to tell with our mouth. By writing we come closer to can understand more properly our true self.

If you are already a good, successful writer then you have perfected the craft. You should write as much as you could at the beginning. Do not hesitate to make your words out there. Let people think, gossip whatever they like. So not care about the negative points and praise the positive ones.

And if you are not a writer then also you have to write. Write a journal to record your daily activities. Write down your goals and achievements. It will help you to track your progress. The direction which you are going and is it good for you or not.

success in life


Maintain a to-do list:


To do list is a must in this world of all type of distractions. You wish to read, learn new things and sometimes want to work out that project to finish it. But you find yourself searching videos. Chatting on facebook and WhatsApp. It is really hard to stick to your thing. So, what to do? A list for you to do your things every day will do the trick. No matter what distractions come along your way read your to-do list every hour or so. Make it an everlasting habit and you will never procrastinate things.





Pray every morning and evening:

Whether you believe in God or not it does not matter. Pray every day in the morning and in the evening. Praying keeps your mind out of stress and anxieties. It slowly gives you self-confidence. You will become a better person and a successful human.




Be persistent and never back down:


Do you know you can be broken and defeated? No great achievers in this world have not ever failed. They do. And they fail more than anyone else and so they become ao much successful.

If the world knocks you down don’t be afraid. Wake up instantly. Do it again and again. Remember that something which does not kill us makes us stronger.




Last but not the least. Be kind to yourself and others:



Kindness is divine. First of all be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for your wrong doings and don’t be hard on yourself. If you push so much sooner or later you are going to break.

Kind to other means to everything in this universe from a tiny animal to nature and its elements. You are in this world for some mission. And everything in this world should be benefited by your mission. Therefore keep every species within your kind hand.



Here are the 10 things which will surely bring you success in life. Do not just read and forget. Make them your daily habit and you will find yourself in a fantastic position in your life. Comment if you have any query and share with your friends and family.
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Tips and techniques to write your first book

We all have a story inside us. And every story is unique of its own. Therefore, we all can become an author and write books. But if you do not love writing, probably you are not going to write a book because writing is hard. It is a very time-consuming and less rewarding in the short run.

But I know that you have the gut and patience to write your first book. And if you find happiness, entertainment writing then you may become a professional writer one day.

Here are 10 tips and techniques to write your first book.





My first tips for you to ‘Write’. Write anything which comes to your mind. If you think it is shit then write shit every day. No matter what you know or no nothing, write nothing. This is the basic rule of writing a book. You won’t ever going to have perfect words to write, thoughts that sparkle you at the beginning. Therefore, you have to write your bogus ideas and thoughts. After writing for a certain time and trials your original ideas will start to come out. And soon you will be writing from your heart and you will get fun and happiness.




Get up early:

This is very easy said than done. Because it is not always easy to wake up early in the morning in these days. The internet and social media are getting so much importance in our life that we can’t go to bed early enough to get up early. But if we able to then it can cause wonders for us.

In the morning our brain is fresh and clear of any unnecessary activities. If we can sit down and write down for two or more hours then our productivity will tremendously increase. Therefore, jot down some words while your brain is half asleep and your editor is not fully awake.





Reading is the base for writing. Read as much as you can. Read the great and canonical authors to get an idea about great literature. You will get ideas while reading, the technique to write, different forms and structures will be acquired by you. Therefore, first read a lot, read voraciously, extensively.




Take Notes:


Don’t just read, also take notes. Carry a notebook, cards, pocket diary, smartphone equipped with a note-taking app is a must. You will have to write while reading because no one can remember everything. If you jot down the important points you have read then your learning graph will increase. When you write then those things are stored in your permanent memory.

You will get another benefit carrying a notebook with you. Ideas tend to come at unexpected moments. If you don’t catch them and write in a journal, the app it is lost forever. Therefore, to take your writing to the next level take notes and carry a writing device all the time with you.






Stop writer’s block and  Procrastination:


Writer’s block and procrastination is the single most enemy of the writers.

To curb out writer’s block you have to stop writing and concentrate on reading. Read all the different topics you like, interesting and find useful. Go for a short vacation, leave your house and take a long walk to the meadows. Start writing when your interest returns.

To curb procrastination you have to exercise, meditate regularly in the morning. It will energize you physically and mentally. Your mental capacity to beat procrastination will increase. Also switch off the television, internet, and porn. Focus towards writing and better wonder will happen.



Set a word count goal for every day:

Writers world is different every day. Sometimes we feel very energetic and enthusiastic and can write much more fluently. And in some other days, it is very difficult to put down some words in page or screen. It is normal because we all are human and we have our ups and downs.

But if you want to excel in writing then keep a goal of word count for every day and stick to the schedule strictly. Stephen King, have a goal of 2000 words per day, even birthdays and Christmas. If you don’t have any goals then you won’t achieve anything as you are floating in a vacuum. Keep your own goal and follow it without fail.





Trust your intuition:


As we already know that every human being is different from each other so is the process of writing. Choose your own path. Follow your intuition while writing. You may not be following your planned plot, style while writing. It may lead to another place or style. So, let be it. Go with your unique ideas and creativity.





It is a wonderful software dedicated to writing. Scrivener is also a publishing tool and has some useful productivity tools.


There is provision to set your project target, say 1,00000 words, for example. And also the session target for example 2000 words.

To increase focus there is a compose mode where the screen is a total piece of a blank paper.




Enjoy the process:

There is no need to continue to write if you don’t enjoy. Creativity is hard and painful if you have no interest in it.

When you enjoy the process then your audience will also enjoy it. It shows in your writing.

Try to write by showing the audience the funny part. Funny part means not to write jokes. When you fill your writings with silly jokes, the people will skip that and soon you will follow the path.




Observe your surroundings:

We live in this wonderful world filled with nice people. They are different in color, creed, shape, and size. Their behavior, a way of living differs from each other. Observe all of them carefully. You will give an insightful story or plot to write.

And socializing more is helpful. You will watch their life and behavior. And then it is more easy and fruitful to embed them in your writing as characters.




How do you find these 10 tips and techniques to write your first book? Do you have any question? Feel free to add your suggestions.
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Smart writing tips for writers and bloggers

You are smarter than the people that surround you. You want to learn writing because you want to blog, write a novel or do content marketing. But you have failed to draw the attention of your reader. It is so frustrating. I know it because I have gone through that stage.


We all writers share some common dreams. We want to touch the heart of our readers and to get famous, financially successful. But most of the writer’s don’t even make $1000 a year! That is harsh. But that can be changed. How?
Write good or die!

Writing good is hard. As the competition in the writing world is high there is more demand to improve writing standard constantly. Therefore, I have compiled below some smart writing tips to help you improve your writing.



Smart writing tips

Personalize your writing:

I know that most content marketer out there will tell you to not say a single word about yourself or how do you feel. But does the readers love to read same boring contents every time? I don’t think so. People love to get personal. They want to know your perspective on a certain thing.
Put some of your own delicacies into your writing. People will relate to you sooner or later.




Write, write, write and write some more:

What does a writer do? Writer writes. This is so simple. The more you write more you will learn, develop your writing style, less will be writer’s block and procrastination.

This is the most important smart writing tips I want to share with you. You want to become a famous and successful writer? Then write every day, all the time when you are not doing other things.



Smart writing tips

Read and learn:

Read when you do not write. Reading is the foundation of writing. The more you read, the more you learn. You will come to the contact of great and famous writers through their writings. You will know their writing style and can learn it. Sometimes it is good to copy them until you develop your own.

Reading is so important that some great writers even say, “if you don’t have time to read then you don’t have the time to write.” It is clear that if you want to write well and influence people then you must read.




Write simple words:

Do you think people love to read big words and complex sentences? If you think yes, then you are wrong. Everyone loves to read simple words and simple sentences.

Write simple sentences in the present tense. Simple is more effective. It directly enters the reader’s mind and heart.




Write to the point:

Write your sentences to the point. There is no need to exaggerate when you can say your word in a few words. So make your sentences short. Short sentences are easy to understand and grasp.

To the point writing also means to write in active voice. People don’t like to read passive sentences too often.

Active voice= “The hunter killed the lion.”
Passive voice=“The lion was killed by the hunter.”

Write short paragraphs:

People are going more impatient these days. Why? It is due to the internet, social media, and less time for leisure. What is the impact of it on human behavior?

They became less patient. They want to read short paragraphs.

Break your paragraphs into many short ones. Put some useful pictures in between it.




Don’t repeat:

Repeating words and phrases, again and again, is boring. It will show you as an ignorant.

When you repeat the same words, again and again, your text becomes bored and uninteresting. Because of it readers will either stop reading your text or go to sleep.

See, I have already bored you.




Edit harshly:

Be a critic of yourself. Edit your work harshly. It is not easy to be strict on self, but it is necessary. Edit several times by yourself.

If you have some trusted friends then forward your text to them to edit.

There is another simple but effective way to edit your text. Read the text backward. Reading the text backward can show you the hidden and unexpected errors.

Write for the world:

English is a global language. Most of the people in the world understand and can read English. But not everyone is an expert. Therefore, it is better to keep your writings easy to understand. How do you find that you are writing is understand by the non-English speaking peoples?


Show your writing to someone from the non-English speaking country. If he or she understand it then you are good to go ahead.



Plan your text:


Planning is essential in writing. Whether you are writing a novel, short story or content for your blog, planning gives you the framework ready to work on. You can write down the plan in a notebook, computer or simply plan it in your mind.

Planning is the half work done. It saves time and structures your thought. And you will have to work less to polish your text after you have planned everything.


Learn correct grammar:

Correct grammar is the cherry on the top of a cake. If your grammar is not correct your writing will lack the ability to convey the correct meaning.

I recommend the book “The Elements of Style” written by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White to keep beside you. This small but valuable book is one of the most comprehensive resources to use correct grammar and other useful topics.




Be unique and innovative:

The world is full of mediocre people and works. Nobody cares about them. If you want to be different from the herd then you have to act differently. Do not be a copy-cat.

Use your inner intuition to be unique. And try to innovate new ideas and ways. Lead the world, show a new path.




Research your work:

People love to read data and percentage. Our brain is so used to it that when it sees data and percentage it believes them as authentic. Use this strategy in your writing to empower it.

Research your work thoroughly, and people will love it and believe in it.

These are the few smart writing tips for you to improve your writing. How did you find it? Please share if you have any smart writing tips in your mind.


Comment below with your suggestions. And don’t forget to like and share with your family and friends.

How can an ordinary people invest in stock market

The stock market is a very scary topic for most people in the world. They simply think that it is just a gamble market. People gamble in the market and they win a large sum if they are lucky. And lose all their money if their luck is bad! This is not the case at all. Stock market rather is a product of hard work. You have to study the different companies thoroughly in order to understand them and to buy their stocks. But that is not all you have to study their portfolio, returns and debts, managerial quality, low price and so on. Usually, it takes very long time to properly understand the stock market. It is really a hard work. Therefore, we, the general people can’t understand it properly and play gamble because we often don’t have time to learn and patience it requires.


The world is in a new era today. This is the era of the internet. The Internet is really taking over the world. Today we can’t imagine our world without it. And in near future, it will become an essential thing like food, cloth, and house. It has revolutionized the world mostly in the better way and it will continue to do so.


The Internet has also touched the stock market. Now you can buy and sell a stock in a millisecond with the click of a key. You don’t need to go to the banks and follow different instructions, keep a trader and give a large fee. Today you can just go to Zerodha and open a account with a 500 Rs fees. There is not any hidden fees whatsoever. They give the opportunity to trade freely on equity with no fees. And flat Rs 20 on intraday and F&O trades! They have more than 8 lakhs clients and does 8% of daily retail trade volumes across BSE, NSE, and MCX. How amazing it is especially when the banks will charge thousands of rupees in every transaction you make. Because banks charges on the percentage of money traded.

How to open an account with Zerodha? You have to follow a simple method to open an account in Zerodha. Follow the below instructions to open the account:

  1. Go to their website https://zerodha.com/
  2. Click to ‘Open an account’ and then enter your credentials. Your name, mobile number, and email address.
  3. Click the button ‘continue to sign up’. Then you have to create a password and then continue.
  4. Then you can deposit rupees five hundred to open the account.
  5. You have to upload the documents through a computer or mobile device with an internet connection of course. An agent will contact you and then you have to send the required documents to their office by post. And don’t post the documents by ordinary post as it may not be able to reach the destination and you would have no proof in such cases. Always register it to avoid such circumstances.
  6. You can buy from the day you have open the account but you can only sell after your physical documents reach their office.


That’s it enjoy the trading and earn a lot of money. If you have any queries and problems then don’t hesitate to call their agent. They are very supportive and prompt to solve your problems. And don’t forget to research on stocks because remember that it is not by luck but by hard work you can get success in the Stock market.
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How to write an exceedingly well blog post

Writing a blog post that draws the attention of the readers is the ultimate dream of most bloggers. A good post is the foundation pillar of success to a blogger. Blogging is so popular nowadays that everyone is into it. Therefore, the competition is skyrocketing.



I have brought to you, four points, by applying which, you can be able to write exceedingly good blog posts.




They are:

  • Must answer the questions
  • Must solve One problem
  • Must be actionable, and
  • Must deliver results





Must answer the questions:

Bloggers are the people who have to solve the problem of the readers. Find the burning question and answer that one.

You can go to the forums related to your blog’s niche. There you will get tons of burning questions. Other places to find questions are facebook groups, Quora, Reddit etc.





Must solve One problem:

You should aim to solve one problem at a time. Be specific. When we want to solve more than one problem at the same time, readers will get confused. And you would not be able to focus on more than one problem at the same time. And the quality of post will decline.





Must be actionable:

Write your posts actionable. Don’t let the readers sit back and do nothing. Provide them information which has a call to action. So that they actively use this knowledge to achieve their goal.





Must deliver result:

People want to see results. That is why the income reports of pro bloggers get more eyeballs and shares. It is in our nature that we want to see the end result.

As a blogger, it is our foremost duty to deliver something worth to our readers. They should receive something valuable to continue to be our reader and follower.



There is another way to find out good blog post ideas, apart from forums, Quora, facebook etc. It is a free website called



You have to put your keyword or phrase in the search box on which you want to get ideas to write a blog post.


In seconds, boom! You get a ton of ideas in a circular form.


And it also shows us the questions searched by people in an alphabetical manner.




Now, you know how to write an exceedingly well blog post and where to find the ideas. So, don’t over think, just write your post.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and share with your family and friends. And comment below if you have any suggestions and queries.
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How to find your writing style

We are writers. What does a writer do? Of course, a writer writes. But not all writer’s becomes successful. Why? Because of many reasons. And most important one for me to not able to find their writing style. They have not learned the craft and have not yet found their own voice.

Here, following are some suggestions and cautionary hints that may help you to find your writing style.

Do lots of revisions:

Revise after you have completed your manuscript. Revise and rewrite your work for several times. Because your first draft is just a rough work. It may have some serious flaws, or you may have to change the whole manuscript totally.

Thank God! We have access to the computer. You can put your work in a word document to proofread by yourself. If you want more advance method then Scrivener is the perfect software to revise your story. Some people like to revise in a printed copy. Try both of them to find out in which method you are more comfortable.



Overwriting is bad:

Do you tend to overwrite while writing on a computer? If yes, it may make your work hard to understand. Delete the unnecessary words unless they are extraordinary.

Overwriting is a bad habit. And excessive and flashy writing will be hard to digest for the readers and they will go to sleep.




Do not exaggerate:

When you exaggerate, readers will be on defense, and suspicion will be clouded over their mind. They will lose confidence in your writing. . One single exaggeration may destroy your whole work.




Stay away from these adjectives:

Rather, very, little and pretty are the adjectives to watch out. They are dangerous wild beasts. Overuse of them will make your work feeble and weak.



Mind your spelling:

It is a basic rule of writing.  You have to learn and know the basics and use correct spellings. If your spellings are wrong then readers will instantly go away from you and never come back.


It is more relevant in this technologically driven world. We use SMS, email and other massage giving services where we use a much shorter version of words. It may become a habit and occur in your writing. Therefore, take care of your spellings carefully.




Stop over explanation:

As a writer, we should not tell everything. Let the reader understand the manner or condition through the conversation.

When we use adverbs like “he said”, “she replied”, we tend to explain their mood by writing like, “he said willingly”, “she replied hesitantly”. They are annoying and confusing to the readers.



Look after awkward adverbs:

You have to take a participle or an adjective, add-ly, with it, you have an adverb now.

It is better not to use them.

Few examples are a tangle, tired, much, more, thus, over etc. If we put -ly with them like tangledly, muchly, they become awkward adverbs.

Thusly, it becomes an awkward sentence. So, avoid it.




Make your dialogues clear:

The dialogues should indicate who is the speaker. If readers can’t understand who is speaking to him, they will be lost. They may have to reread it to solve the puzzle of obscurity. Therefore, make it clear.

While writing dialogue, put your attributives where naturally the break comes.


“Now, my girl, we will see, she said, “How well you have learned your lesson.”



“Now, my girl, she said, we will see how well you have learned your lesson.”




Get rid of fancy words:

Avoid the ostentatious, beautiful, alluring, elaborative and cute words. We have to use more Anglo-Saxon words because it is a livelier tongue than Latin.

So avoid the words like beautious, curvaceous, prodigious, discombobulate, etc. There is nothing wrong with using them- all are good, but some are better than others. It is a matter of ear, a matter of feeling correct and good.




Be clear:

Clarity is the principal element of a good writing style. Though obscurity sometimes, serves as a literary yearning, clarity can be a virtue.

No one wants to read obscure sentences. It should be easy to understand. Do not keep secrets in your mind to keep your readers in suspense.

It is better to start fresh when you are hopelessly mired in a sentence. You may be in needs to break the sentence apart and replace it with two or more sentences.




Do not throw your own opinion:

We have our opinion almost in everything. And it is very hard to not write it. Everyone may not like your opinion and nor likely to agree with you. Throwing opinions indiscriminately leaves the mark of egoism on a work.

So, try not to put your opinion often in your work.




Do not use figures of speech often:

The Simile is a useful device of writing, but if it is used more often, one after another, they are only distracting than shining. Readers don’t want to compare everything with something else.

We don’t have to mix up the metaphor. That is, we should not start by calling something as ballon and end by calling it an elephant.




Put yourself in the background:

Writers should put themselves in the background in their writing. We should not show our mood and temper, but readers attention should be drawn to the meaning of the text. If the text is good enough, the mood and temper of the writers would automatically be revealed in front of the readers.

Therefore, it is our prime duty to put ourself in the background. And slowly as we become proficient in our craft, our style will emerge, because we ourself will emerge. Then we will be able to have our separate identity as our mind and heart will be different from other people.




Be natural:

Write what comes to your mind naturally. Use the words and sentences that readily come to your mind.

Do not worry if you are subconsciously imitating others. Because a language itself begins with imitation. When a child borns, he imitates the sounds made by his parents; the child imitates the language which is his mother tongue. Sooner or later you would find your own voice.


How do you find these suggestions? If you have any suggestion and query do not hesitate to comment below. Thank you.
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The books which can expanded mind and the thinking process

From my childhood, I love to read books. Books are my best friend and guide in my life. I can’t imagine my life without books. Reading habit has done wonder for me. Be it guiding at the time of difficulties or helping me to know myself better. Books are an inseparable part of my life.


From the many books, I have read and love to re-read them whenever I get chance are as following. And you can get a  lot of thinking ray to expand your mind. Here are some of the books from the closest of my heart which will expand your mind and show you a new way of life. They are with no particular order and I love all the books equally.


THE ALCHEMIST: by Paulo Coelho

When I first heard the name of the book then I thought it is a book of science and experiments. But several times I got this book on the favorite list of many great minds. One of them is Bill Gates, the richest person in the Universe. It is a story of a shepherd boy from the Spanish province of Andalusia who dreams of traveling the world in search of treasure as desirable as any ever found. From his home, he journeys to the exotic markets of North Africa and then into the Egyptian desert, where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him. It is an unforgettable story about the essential wisdom of listening to our heart and, above all, following our dreams.


KARMA YOGA: by Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was a great preacher of Hindu religion and saint. In this book, he reveals the karma or work’s effect on the character, what is our duty and shows us the path to complete freedom. We can’t help the world but instead we help ourself. The only way to attain complete freedom is by non-attachment in everything we do and own.

This book will give you a new perspective towards life. You will understand the truth of life and become steady and calm even in between fierce battles.


How To Stop Worrying And Start Living: by DALE CARNEGIE

This book has become my private doctor, mentor, and therapist. When I was in college I had a very bad habit of worrying about everything. My life was very poor and dissolute. Nothing interested me and I could achieve nothing in that period of my life. All i was lost in my worrying thoughts and habits.

This is the first book that taught me how to stop worry. It didn’t change me in a month or a year. But slowly and surely it brought change in me and one day i could realize that my worrying habits are gone. Of course, there are many other books who helped me to do that but this one is the primary one.


THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA: by Ernest Hemingway

This is a very thin but effective book. This book is set in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Havana, a story of an old man, a young boy, and a giant fish. This is a timeless and unique vision of the beauty and grief of man’s challenge to the elements in which he lives. It is a story of vigor and courage which a man has to undergo in his life.

It shows us the heroic true nature and struggles of a human life.


THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill

This a must read the book if you want to grow rich. Rich here is not only in the terms of money but also in every field of life. We work hard, do everything we can but do not succeed and remain poor. This book explains in details why we remain poor still trying hard.

Napoleon Hill has given his twenty-five years of youth to research and write this book. He studied thoroughly the hundreds of great American richest person’s life and thought about money. He has made certain formulas to think, act and grow immense rich which you can imagine.


RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This is the best personal finance book of all time. Here Robert has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. The general people think about earning and saving. They simply buy a big house, beautiful car and other things which they think of their great possession and asset. But according to Kiyosaki the house, car and other things only a liability that drains out our pocket. Instead of buying them we have to buy the real assets and invest in the share market.

He said, “The main reason people struggle financially is that they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money… but never learn to have money work for them.”



This is a classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust. One of the outstanding classics to emerge from the Holocaust, it is the true story of the author of his struggle for survival in Auschwitz and other Nazi camps.

He was a therapist and doctor. He developed his own philosophy to survive the Holocaust. And this philosophy becomes water in the draught, hope in despair to live one more day to get freedom from the hell.



This book has literally changed my world in a better way. He is known as the father of positive thinking. This book is written to suggest techniques and to give examples which demonstrate that you do not need to be defeated by anything, that you can have peace of mind, improved health, and a never ceasing flow of energy.

Every chapter of this book gives you true peace, energy, and happiness. This is a true book to learn to preach positive thinking and achieve success in every field of life. The Power of Positive Thinking is a simple, practical, heartfelt guide to enable everyone to enjoy confidence, success, and joy.


All these books mentioned above can expand your mind immensely and can change your life in better way. These are must-read books for all. With this, I conclude my blog. Read and think and stay blessed.



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Assam is in the verge of dividing into two parts: The Brahmaputra and The Barak Valley

Assam is going through a very difficult situation. As a border state with many foreign countries it is already have numerous problems. As NRC updation process is going on from past three years there arised a new dangerous problem of Citizenship Amemdment bill, 2016 on top of it. This is an unbearable condition for the people of Assam after suffering from so many things from the previous decades.

Now, as the NRC updation process is about to finish many organisations and parties are trying to hinder its progress. Because if the NRC process carry on at this pace and accuracy then lots of Muslim and Hindu foreigners are bound to come into book and declare them as foreigner and illegal citizen of India. They will be either thrown out if the country to their respective countries or will be cutted of all the rights and privilage as a citizen enjoys. They will be deprived of Govt jobs, will have no security of any work, they have to live as a stateless people. Therefore, the Government of India under the leadership of our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is trying to implement the Citizenship Amemdment bill 2016, in Assam. A key amendment in the bill seeks to grant citizenship to people without valid documents from six minority communities- Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan after six years of residence in India.

Because of the bill the Assam state has divided into two regions. The Brahmaputra valley and Barak valley. The Brahmaputra valley is vehemently opposing the bill but the Barak valley is eagerly supporting the bill. The Brahmaputra with 32 districts protesting against the bill because of the secularism prevails here and the tolerance of the people for all religious people. But the Barak valley with 3 district is opposing the bill as there is majority of Bengali Hindu and lots of illigal migrants from Bangladesh.

Assam has been always remained a dumping ground from the Independance. But the people are not ready to tolerate more. This is shown as still protest is going on widespread though the Joint Parliamentary Committee had went back. Then a question arise in the mind of the common people. Is Assam is going to be divided into two parts? The answer is no, the Assam goveenment and people will not allow so. And the Barak valley is not a big place in area, the idea only recently developed and the economic condition is very poor. The Bodos with strong culture and unity is not being able to attain a separate statehood then how can the Barak valley can? This is not going to happen very soon.

And further the Chief Minister of state Sarbananda Sonowal after long time of quiet said he has no reason to continue on his post if he could not protect the interest of the peopleof the state.