To the Indian kids of this century

Kids of every generation is getting smarter than the previous one. They are getting more modern and technologically advance. This is the era of Internet. Internet has truly made the world a village. The mobile phone revolution is also very much responsible for this. The kids have become addicted to the Internet and they are busy in the virtual world.


Many great men said that T.V. is a idiot box. The television has made the people fat, lazy and worthless. They have abolished and suggested others watching television. Today, I am afraid that Internet has been taking the place of Internet. And it is more dangerous than Television. It is equally popular among the kids, adolescents and adults. It is taking our time, our friends and our purpose of life. I am not telling that Internet is bad or awful thing. It is the most incredible and very important thing invented by the human. It has bind together the human race as a whole. And it has endless good uses and possibilities. But it is the use which makes it bad or good. As it is easily and equally accessibile to all the kids and adolescent they tend to use it mostly for watching porns and other immoral things. It makes their mind dull and badly affect their mentality.


Therefore, it is my sincere urge to the kids and adolescents to use internet for information and learning. Rather than watching videos, movies and other time pass materials. It is the time for you to develop your skills, learn new things and step forward to find your purpose in life and when you find it then to never lose it. Life is very short. We have to use it for good and right things. Then only we would be able to enjoy the beautiful world in which we live.

The little things matter most in our life is what we ignore most.

32-degree Celsius outside drove in an A.C. car and reached the destination. Our destination was the Mayong police station where the Pavakati Nsk is situated. The drive was pleasant with the natural and scenic beauty of the Pobitora Sanctuary which is famous for one-horned Rhino along with The Kaziranga National park. Both sides of the road are covered with the seasonal flood water which looks astounding. The road to the destination is very hilarious sitting inside the car. It took us one and half hour to reach there.



We have reached the Pavakati Nsk but they do not seem to care much. They were sitting inside of the room sitting under the electric fans. As it was the afternoon time the sun was over our head and it is drinking our energy to light its fire. The LRCR or the head couldn’t manage a chair for us and we were given to sit in the verandah with a shaky and worn out desk-bench without any source of artificial air. As we were very much used to the mechanical air, our face, hand, and whole body were filled with diamond droplets of sweat. He was not cooperative with us and forget the golden teaching that ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘The guest is like God’ in English. When somebody comes to your home or workplace than at least show some respect.


Sometimes even I fall in to guilty of the above phrase. When my wife’s girlfriends arrive at our home for some hours of gossip and conversation, I sometimes don’t talk to them. Not because that I don’t like them or because they are wasting our time, energy or money. But because I am an introvert person and am not fully prepared every time to talk with the extrovert friends of my wife. Two days ago one of her friend visited our home after many years with her son. She also asked about me and my wife told that I am in the house reading a book. Many time my wife told me to talk to her and ask her well being. But that day I was so hesitant and introverted that I couldn’t come out of my room and talk with her. I felt very much guilty because of it and managed to talk to her when she was leaving our home.



I want to finish tody’s writing with a short story whose author I have forgotten which I have read in a newspaper article. The writer writes, ” We were many children and my mother have to do all the works alone. She works the whole day and even at night. That day, she has done more work than the other days and has to cook the meal for every one of us including our father. Father arrived at nine o clock after the work. She cooked only a bread and toast for him. The bread was so overcooked that it almost became ash. Father came and sat to eat, the mother gave the overcooked, ash-like bread and to my surprise, he ate it with great pleasure. I thought he was going to scold her. At the bed I asked him, do you like to eat overcooked, ash-like bread to eat? With a pleasant smile, my father replied. No, not at all. But your mother has been working very hard all day for us and therefore we shouldn’t complain about trivial things which will hurt others feelings. Besides, eating an overcooked bread does nothing harmful to my health.

From that day I have tried not to complain or brag at everything and learned the lesson which will remain with me for the lifetime.”

Married men, it is not the sole responsibility of the women to remain faithful: You also have to play your part.

We are much-advanced society now. We Indians are technologically advanced, at least in the field of mobile phone and data usage. Thanks to Mukesh Ambani’s ‘JIO’ which made possible for every possible Indian to get access to cheap 4G data. It has revolutionized the Indian society in many good ways. But today I am discussing its bad impacts and other factors among Indians which is making our age-old tradition die based on which our societies values, morality lies.



We are following the west, especially the USA as a global citizen. Be it the data revolution, the technological advancement or the globalization, the impact upon the morality, sanctity to the Indian society is drastic. It has been degrading continuously.



One of my friend Hari (it is a replicate name) said that he manages to cheat his wife regularly.

I said, “What will you do if she also cheats you”?

“I will straightly go for divorce if she does that. I can’t live with such a bitch.” He replied.

“How can you expect others to be good if you are doing bad to them? And besides, it is not the only responsibility of the women to remain faithful, sanctity. You have the same amount of responsibility too.” I told him it on his face.

Obviously he didn’t has the answer and decided not to talk with me again.



Our society is going towards the western values where the polygamy is a common thing. It is the time to step our feet backward. Even in the western countries are patronizing monogamy nowadays. Then why we should leave our age-old values and morality. To the married man, if you are practicing polygamy then you are not only ruining your own life and family but also the other family which the women, girl belongs. Think about it clearly for some time and try to understand the beauty of it, the married life. You have a woman who loves you, cares for you, even when you are shattered, you have no job, you are ill and disable. She cares your kids by giving them divine love, raising them with great difficulty but with love in the heart. She loves to suffer with you and keeps the joyous moments forever. How does she will feel when she knew that you have been cheating her for another woman? Bring yourself to her place and think deeply for some time. You will get the answer.



“The Men will be men”. Is a popular T.V. commercial where the men are encouraged to become mischevious, cheater. Porn videos are very popular and easily accessible these days. No restriction of age bar and the videos are shown unnatural, incestuous and cheating husband and wife. The porn industry has been making the youths minds growth abnormal. Encouraging the adults to have incestuous relationships. Both television and internet is taking so much toll on the mind of this generation that they have begun to think of women as a mere sexual object. They have no respect for women and a good, healthy relationship.



Remember that it is divine when you get the devotion of her heart, body, and soul from a woman. Similarly, if you reciprocate the love and devotion towards her than your life will have a purpose, divinity on this earth. Otherwise, if you are polygamous and sleep with one after another woman soon you will become a lonely man and rot and die like a street dog.

The only hope, savior for the citizen of India is The Supreme Court of India

Two recent news gives me hope regarding the Supreme Court of India, the highest judicial body in India. The first is that in India you can choose your own life partner if you are an adult. In Kerala, a girl Hadia was married to a Muslim man and converted into Muslim religion. I have seen the video where her mother is pleading her to come back in the courtyard but in vain. At first as a Hindu man, I was angry, intolerant and thought that it is not right. But after some time I could realize that it is her own decision and as an adult, she has the right to choose her life partner. The Supreme Court also said that it the Government or the parents, society can’t bar any adult from choosing their life partner irrespective of their religion, caste or creed.

Just think that how Indians have been tolerant towards other religions from the past. And even today we can’t imagine Bollywood without three Khan’s i.e. Salman Khan, Amir Khan, and Shahrukh Khan. Do we even think for some time that they are Muslim? The answer would be straight no for the majority of people of India. But it is true that inter-religious marriage is not being accepted in India and it is not going to happen in the near future for sure. The society can boycott the person. But it can’t force them to do their way. In a mixed society and multi-religious country like India, it is time for us to be more tolerant towards individual liberty.


The other news I have read today is from an article of a renowned newspaper, THE HINDU. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry’s decision to set up a social media hub for monitoring online data was strongly criticized by the Supreme Court of India by telling that it would be “like creating a surveillance state”. The Highest court also said that the government wants to tap citizens WhatsApp messages and sought its response within two weeks.


Bravo! Supreme Court of India, you have again stand with the people of India. But I am not fully agree with you this time. Because we need to regulate the social media to some extent. At a extent where our privacy will remain intact and the abusers, violators of digital media rules should be brought to the book. Otherwise, through social media so much hatred, superstitions are spreaded that it has taken life of many innocent people in the recent past. And I am afraid it will continue to be so if it is not checked. And the only way to do so is by regulating the use of social media by the Govt to some extent. We can’t allow to continue these lunatic peeverts to continue to spread hatred and superstitions.

There is no place for polygamy in India

This is a very popular website and I read it regularly. I enjoy it very much reading and learn lot of things from this blog which was updated in 2014 for the last time. The blogger Matt Walsh writes in Daily.wire regularly now. Today I have read this post from the blog and found it very much inspiring. You can read the post by clicking the link given below.
I am only concerned about a comment which is given below from a well-wisher of Matt.
Autumn says:
A woman’s reproductive environment must be kept clean. It is a warm, moist environment that bacteria etc., can grow and proliferate in easily if invaded. A man has a responsibility to respect/protect his wive’s body- especially her reproductive environment for obvious reasons. Being unfaithful has proved to be destructive and often fatal for women. Many women in third world countries, Muslim countries, India etc., (where cheating on one’s wife is culturally encouraged or acceptable,) are being killed or ravaged by STD.
 This is only a part of the comment and I have pasted only this portion because of the misunderstanding this women have regarding India. In the first hand, it is not acceptable and hell not culturally acceptable! How did that women even think of it? We Indians are most monogamous person in the world. You can tell by the percentage of divorce rate that we are the most loyal and faithful man in the world. Only recently the percentage is little bit rising in the metro cities that is also because of the influence of the west.
But yes, women are not treated right and given same status in many places. Rapes and killings are widespread and going out of hand but that does not mean that our society accept and encourages polygamy. The world will be shocked to know that men and women found in extra marital relationship are man handled by the society and call the police.
      Actually extra marital and before marriage sex is treated as taboo in our society and it doesn’t accept it and instead it throw away such people from the society. As only vegas is not US, the news of some unwanted instance is not the whole India. India is a land of ancient culture, religions and tolerance. There is no place for polygamy in our society.

Little kids beware : Road blocks ahead!

I would be very terrifying if I were a newborn kid today. I would become like a computer who is programmed to perform different activities according to the command given. There was a student from class two whom I have taught as a tuition teacher before I got a job. He was a very small kid with good aptitude and always remains first in his class. One day I asked him about his daily routine.



He said he wakes up at 5 o clock in the morning. Then he does his morning activities and sits on the table to read. After that, he does breakfast and went to school. In 3 o clock when he comes from school he becomes wasted and sleeps after lunch. Then again in the evening, he has to read till night and dinner. And sleeps after the dinner. Wow! what a great routine. Thank you, Indian parents, you have killed a mind and created a machine. Off course machine is more valuable than the mind!



When does your kid get time to play outside beside in the mobile and computer? When they hang out with the other kids? When will they run before the butterfly, play with dirt and exclaim at the creations of nature? I asked his parents. But they don’t have an answer. Actually, most of the Indian parents have no answer to these questions. They simply want to be parents of a topper in studies. The schools are also very much responsible for this. They made a syllabus so vast for a grade one or two students that it seems they want the child to learn everything at the beginning of their school or their life.


And God bless them they are the test monsters. They take this test and that test every now and then to keep intense pressure on the child all the time. They know the parents will be happy when their kids will pass with top grades which will make them proud. For that purpose, the kids are tortured mentally and physically.



MY dear parents think of an awful, terrifying situation when the little kids are playing in the dirt with the smell of earth, they are being creative while drawing, singing and dancing in the out, let them become themselves and do what they simply love to do! This an awkward situation where no parents have to fall, I praise. Let us make our children robotic, computerize them and programme their hard disks in the very beginning so that they simply forget to become themselves. Then only we will get and create an idle citizen for India. Kill their thoughts and curiosity in the very beginning otherwise they might become scientists, inventors, writers, industrialists, artists which will be a very bad thing for a nation!

If you don’t have your own home than be prepared to hear this

I was just coming out of my gate then I heard a song, “I am a nomad, I am homeless, I am a nomad, I am homeless”.

It was sung by some construction workers of my front house. I know the target, the victim was me. My head was boiled for a split of a second but I controlled and went to my duty.


They may have somehow come to know that I am staying in my in-law’s house. And they have must be imagined that I am a hopeless, useless and workless fellow who depends on others to eat, sleep and stay. It is their perception rather than the actual knowledge about me. And I don’t want to fight with some worthless, brainless fellows. They have no justice and can’t even think properly. Actually, it has happened to me several times. I have lost my father 12 years ago and has been living along with my mother and brother until I got married in 2012. From the beginning of my marriage, my mother is treating with me and my wife as enemies. I and my wife has tried every means to become friendly with her but can’t because she didn’t want it. She simply needs slaves who will work for her and listen to her every needless need.


Therefore, I have started building my home by taking a loan from the bank. It is an Assam state governments loan scheme called the ‘APON GHAR’ with a low rate of interest. But to begin building a house is easy but the finishing is very hard. Especially if you are working full time. There is not enough time to look after every detail and it is hard to maintain everything. But here goes the old saying that you can never fail if you don’t choose to. So, I have decided that I have to live a life with dignity and proud by building my own house. Because my mother doesn’t want that we i.e. I and my wife stay in the house my father had built. It is my promise and oath that I will complete building my own home by any means.



The data revolution in India and its impacts: The things which I have observed and experienced

The JIO has changed the structure of data using in our country. Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in India has started the revolution of data in India. It began when he started the JIO company. It started giving free unlimited 4G data to every person who buys a JIO sim and uses a 4G compatible device. For years it provided free data and after that charged a very minimal amount to continue the benefits. The JIO has a grand success in the 4G arena but not for the very long time. Soon the other giants like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel and even the state own BSNL has made similar offers as JIO to compete with it. So, India has got lots of options and exciting offers regarding using data at a very cheap rate. You have to pay only 499 to get per day 2GB data for 90 days! Which was not imaginable before a year or so and it is wondrous if you compare with other countries data cost.

It has both good and bad effects on the entire population of India. It has but far more bad than good sides because to become a good user of the internet we have to become an expert on the internet. But most of the population is not fully aware of the function and power of the internet. Especially the youths are so much addicted towards porn and other bad things that rape has become an epidemic in India. The regional and National newspaper is full of daily news of brutal rapes, the murder of infants to 70 years older women.

The students of the primary class are used to watch porn, the rickshawala, workers, Mason, cobbler, Minister, Teacher watches porn. Not every one of them but most of them. Whenever I go to the market, my workplace, or somewhere else, be it morning, evening or night I saw that people are busy with their mobile phones watching videos. Be it watching of porns or other videos the excessive watching of these videos has made the people dull of their mind and gradually killing their creative ability. So, it is very easy to provide lots of cheap data, promote digital India but its bad impacts are very heart aching.  Nowadays, the spread of superstitions and rumors are so wide-spreading and terrifying that it had killed many innocent lives.

It is very hard to imagine what the porn impacts in the mind of the young and adolescents. Their mind diverts from the study and other useful activities, they become anxious, irritating and humiliating.

Dear Women, leave your arrogance or you have to pay the price

Women are the greatest enemy of women. Especially when they are the mother in law and daughter in law. These two creatures are the product of devil if they are not equally nice, respecting each other. In my instance, yes this my true story which I am going to tell you today. In my instance it is my Own mother who is very very arrogant. She can’t take easy on my wife, actually she can’t love any of the human being in the world. She loves Only money. If you give her money then she will be very nice to you. She has this never ending urge for money.

Dear mother, you just love to insult and keep people at your feet. In the other sense you love when people bows down to you everytime you pass by. Otherwise, you don’t let your feet back even if you are hurting your own son. Why? Simply because he loves his wife, he loves to read, write, to keep busy doing what he love. You ditched me simply because I got married. Your daughter-in-law loves you. She wanted to be with you with peace and harmony but what did you have done?. You tortured her physically and mentally. You are so jealous to her that you even tried to kill your own son to take revenge on her. You have not think once before adding some dangerous mixer in my tea.


I know dear mother that you are supposed to rescue, guard your children from every possible threats. But have you thought what you have become? You have become a monster which is only meant for destruction.


I have nothing to say to you. I will always respect you and be with you whenever you are in trouble, Mother. But one thing is for sure that you have lost my true love forever.


To all my dear friends, I have shared this to tell you that nowadays you can’t even believe others, even if it is your own mother. This is the sad reality for me. What about you? Did your parents ditch you somehow?

Are you a housewife? What do you do all day long?

It happens everytime I meet a friend, almost everytime. Recently I made some friends and got some new colleagues. At the break time, one of the colleagues asked,

“What does your wife do?”

“She is a housewife”. I said.

“This must be hard for you to run the house with one income, what does she do all day? Is she is educated?” He asked again.

“She has done graduation and completed teacher’s training. She takes care of the kids and to run the house smoothly and works tirelessly whole day. Yes, sometimes it may feel hard to do everything with one income but she manages the budget profoundly.” I replied.

At this, he kept quiet but didn’t stop till he brags about his salaried wife.


In another instant one, women friend of mine met me at a grocery store. She began the conversation while we were waiting in the queue. After finishing inquiring about me she asked,

“What does your wife do?”

I said, “She is a housewife and stay-home-mom”. At this a pompous and smug feeling waved through her face, I noticed. For some reason, she felt superior to my wife.

“I have two kids back home but I have never left my job to do just household activities, she must be killing her time and wasting her career.” She replied firmly.

We have talked for some time but our conversation didn’t end amicably.


I really don’t get it, why our society treat the housewives and stay-home-mom a waste of time and energy? Why do we look at them like a trash? I am sure that many men treat their women like that because they are not earning income. They failed to see the hard work their wive are doing. What will happen if all the women think like the society does and leave rear the child properly or even don’t give birth? The whole society, mankind will come into trouble. Look at the Japanese society today. Their adult men and women are so busy and uninterested in marriage and rearing children that their population is decreasing at an alarming rate. This is negatively affecting their community and country as a whole. The story is same for the European and North American countries.


Why have we forgotten that we used to give motherhood the status of the goddess? God has given it to women because they are naturally very patient and can bear the pain. So, when she is doing her duty at bringing up the child and looking after the household chores at the same time she must be praised and rewarded. She is doing a commendable job and far better than a job which gives a paycheck. They should be patronized, treated like war heroes and scientists for their work rendering to the society. Think for a second if they deny to give birth and bringing up the child then what will happen to the society.


I know that being a housewife is not a job that pays you a check but it pays the society instead providing with good quality citizens, keeping your house a haven of happiness. She makes the house a home with amicable and love all around.

In India, the housewives are neglected and looked as downward. They are given no respect but have to listen to their neighbors, relatives and even from their family members about their uselessness. What a tragic and ungrateful society we have! We failed to give proper respect to the base, pillar of the society, The MOTHERHOOD.


Listen to me dear Mothers and Housewives, one day soon the SOCIETY would have to recognize your hard work, devotion to it otherwise the society itself will vanish.