Check NRC results, 2018, Assam: The final draft NRC here

On 30th July 2018, the final consolidated draft is declared. As I have been working in the NRC updating process since 2015, I am sure that the hard work, persistence, and intellect of thousands of Indian will create history and be fruitful in curbing out the illegal immigrants from foreign nations, especially from Bangladesh. For smooth conduction of the process of declaring NRC results additional security forces have been deployed and the administration and police are monitoring every possible mishap.

Check NRC results here:

There are three ways to check NRC results. The results will be available from 30 July, 10 am to 4 pm in the respective NSKs (National Seva Kendras). The applicant will be able to check NRC results from 30th July to 28th September 2018, in the Nsk.

Secondly, you can check NRC results through online websites. The government has opened 4 websites for this purpose.

Websites to Check Final Draft NRC result:


The third to check NRC result is through automatic SMS. This facility will be given from 12 am 30th July. But to avail the automatic SMS to check NRC result you have to register your mobile number prior to 30th July. The mobile numbers to register the automatic results are 78994-05444, 70263-21133, 70268-61122 and 97655-56555. The registration will be active till 6 pm, 29 July.

To register to send SMS by typing (ARN No space mobile number) send to the above numbers.

You can also get results through general SMS after 12 am 30th July. To get results through SMS you have to write (ARN No space ARN No) to the above-mentioned numbers.


The devastating effects of drinking in Indian families and society.

As a scheduled tribe community person which are traditionally used to drinking homemade wine, I am very much aware and seen the devastating effects of Alcohol on the families and society. It is a menace to the society as it is the sole cause of other horrendous crimes like rape and murder. As we can see the rapid increase in these crimes the majority of these were done after the consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol prohibition in IndiaAlcohol prohibition in India is in force in the states of Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar, Nagaland, and Manipur; as well as in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. We can compare these states with the other states where alcohol is not prohibited. We will find that the percentage of crimes are much less in the alcohol prohibited states. They earn rather more revenue from other sources like consumer products, milk, and other things then they used to get from the alcohol licensing. So, it is clear the booze is costing us. As the most of the man face the illness of cancer of the liver because of over drinking. THink carefully how much money we have to pay for the price of drinking.


Because of drinking, the families shattered, their life became hopeless. When a person in the family is addicted to accessive drinking then it is the duty of the parents to look after him and bring to everything for them. This is a true story of a man who used to over drinking. He daily drinks and forgets the duty of his towards the family members. After ten years the doctors have found that he is in the last stage of liver cancer. The doctors could do nothing other than telling the patients to go home till he dies. No, doctors are not God and they could do nothing in this instance. He died and his family becomes helpless as he was the only one earner and he has saved nothing because of this habit of drinking. He his family came into deep trouble economically and mentally.

To the Indian men: Treat the women as equal, not as your property

One of my highly educated and well-established friend got married.

“I asked him, what will your wife do after Marriage?” I knew that she is a graduate.


“She will be a housewife and stay at home. I will not let her work. Women change and may betray when she gets a chance. And if I let her go to work every day then she is bound to get into extramarital affairs.” He told me as a known person.

What a low grade, shameful thinking you have. I argued with him. But it was in vain. These type of people thinks about women as a mere thing not human.


Still, in our society, we can see that parents give more emphasis to the boys than girls in every matter. The boy can pursue higher studies from anywhere but the girl has to choose the local education system.

According to many parents of India,

“After all girls are girls. Boys are the future for their family. The girl is the ‘paraya dhan’, or others property who has to get married sooner or later.”


In some states, the dowry system is so prevalent that the girl’s parents have to keep aside the dowry money from the birth of the child.

One of my uncles was very sad one day. Therefore I asked him, what is matter, uncle?

He said, ” See dear, I have no boys but two girls. Now I have to save for their marriage from the day they are born. How unlucky I am.”

I was very shattered hearing this cruel reality of our society. where are we heading towards? I told him, “Don’t worry uncle, your girls are your biggest assets. Let them have a good education and all the facilities and you will see that they will make you and the society proud. Dowry taking and giving is prohibited by the law and both giver and taker have the same amount of guilty.”


Let the girls and women give enough opportunity, I am sure that they will make you and the country proud. We only have to guide them and they will choose their own path.

Women and men are born with the same amount of intellectual and capacity. Men may be physically more strong but when it comes to patience women have much more advantage than men. Look at the household activities the Indian women do daily! From the cleaning the house, cooking two to three times meals, taking care of children and husband and the parents, if it is a joint family then the women don’t get time to breathe properly. She has to forget about herself, to eat properly, to dress properly, forget about her hobbies and personality.


We have to teach our boys to treat the women as equal and with due respect from the childhood. Let us provide equal opportunity to our girls, women so that they can lead their life to the highest dignity and lead the country in their respective fields. Think for some time that from the times immemorial the Indian women are treated as sacred and goddesses are prayed and offered puja.

We don’t have to treat as goddesses or sacred human but as an equal fellow being. And let them flourish in their own way, give them the opportunity, show them the way.

Selfishness and intolerance is an epidemic in India now

I have taken a housing loan from the State Bank of India, the most reputed Bank of India under Government sector. Somehow with lots of hustle, I was able to get the loan sanctioned. After finishing my first installment I have deposited the required documents and application for the second installment of the loan. But the officer in charge told me to come in after two weeks because he has too much work pending. I thought it is okay, they are the very busy man so let me wait. But after two weeks when I went to meet him then I have learned that he has taken a leave for one week. This time also I thought that there must be some emergency, so let me wait for another week. But today, when it is the fourth week of my application I have again learned that he has extended his leave for another week. It is embarrassing, really, your workers are working, the hardware shopkeepers are screaming and your all deposits are gone into the house which you are building.


Yes, he is must be in an emergency, I understand, but he can render his works to others. He should have taken the responsibility by giving his works to be completed by others. This is very insensitive, irresponsible and selfish. And the system of the SBI is also awkward and pathetic. Even the boss of a person is not authorized to look at his affairs. Strange! This deep arrogance and selfishness have been growing in every field and place in India.


Today was a very interesting day. I have learned so much about the behavior of the people today. This is a situation I have faced today at a courier facility called ECOM Express. They haven’t delivered the thing I ordered and instead gave the report that delivery is failed. They have only tried to contact me with the mobile number and not went to my house which they are supposed to do. They couldn’t connect my number and so instead of delivering labeled it as a failed attempt to deliver.


The courier was for a friend, therefore, I went to the courier facility and told them about the parcel. They told me to wait because they have so-called so much work. They have begun to meddle the parcel by throwing it here and there. How insensitive and senseless they are, I thought. In between they have been watching their phones, calling customers and doing other household activities. After three hours of waiting they handed me my parcel which took them hardly couple of minutes to search for.



This insensitiveness and selfishness are so widespread in India that people are lynched, murdered, raped. At this pace of selfishness, egoism, our country is degrading, unhappiness growing and the quality of life is getting worst.

The No-confidence motion was the pre-test before the final examination coming in 2019 for the NDA Government

The opposition was very much sure that they couldn’t win the No-confidence motion against the NDA Govt. But they wanted to lower the spirit of the NDA, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They know that the main engine of the coalition government, their hindrance on the flowery path to the throne is none other than Shri Narendra Modi. Therefore, they planned to somehow kill his indomitable confidence, zeal, enthusiasm to fight the war against the Rahul Gandhi led Indian National Congress party.



But they have themselves patted their heads on the stone wall. With humiliating defeat in the vote count of No-confidence motion, it was confirmed that NDA, in the leadership of Modi is thriving and getting stronger day by day. It shows that the government has done nothing seriously wrong and on the path of development. Whereas, the people haven’t and won’t forget the family business ran by the INC for the decades. The INC only served the family and friends along with their dogs.

At least the Modi has no allegations of bribery, graft and money laundering till now. He works day and night, travels countries and places to improve relationships with the foreign nations and within the states of India. With the bilateral relationships with nations our collaboration of trade, culture and tourism will tremendously increase in due course of time. There are allegations that he dresses well, eats well and post videos of morning exercise, yoga, and meditation. The dress improves the personality and we will not want our PM to dress like a joker in front of foreign highest nationals. He eats well to keep him fit and fine to get going in his busy schedule. Where would he get the constant energy to work whole and till midnight without stopping?



The last allegation is morning exercises shown on the twitter. The twitter is used by almost every highest national from the Donald Trump to Narendra Modi. In fact, Narendra Modi has a large number of followers which are Indians. He wants to influence the people to wake up early and do exercise, yoga, and meditation to keep their mind and body fit and fine. We have yet to see the dramatic change in our country but we can feel the gradual change. And the changes which come gradually remains for the lifetime.

The bad impact of Youtube on the youths of India: Bhuban Bam, Carryminati etc.

YouTube is the king of the internet nowadays. Watching videos on Youtube is the new norm today and it is feared that it will overcome every other activity which we do online. In India, from the old to the newborn every one watches youtube videos when they get a chance. Between the working breaks, home, in the market, the older people don’t miss a chance to see a video or two. Some newborn and child only eat when they are given mobile phones in their hand. From the very young age, they are able to watch videos and other things on the internet, even the porns. Though we give emphasis that the child should not be able to watch porn but forget that youtube is also a very dangerous place for them. Today, I am going to discuss these two people who are doing and showing shit and making a bad impression on our younger generation.

The first is the channel called BB KI VINES. This channel is created and run by Bhuban Bam. He is so popular in India that he has 8.8 M subscriber now. But do you know what he does? He just makes comedy videos of different characters which are acted on by him. But his videos are of very lower standard where he rants double meaning words which we can’t watch with our parents. Think what impact will create in the mind of the young generation who have been following Bhuban Bam wildly? Here is the latest video from him watch it and tell that how it is suitable for our children. His sexually vulgar words and meanings are just craps. It impacts in the minds of the children and they learn these words and behavior which impacts their life badly.

In another video, he mocks teacher and students relationship with pathetic vulgar double meanings. Watch it here and say that what impact it will provide to the young students who are his biggest fans. Is our comic sense is so low graded that we have to listen to sexual double meanings which impact badly on the children’s mind in order to entertain us?

No, the Youtube should stop this type of activities of vulgar and sexual double meanings. His account should be ban immediately and all the videos are deleted so that our children’s can be able to stay away from these vulgar, abusive things.


The other channel is called the CarryMinati. Carry Minati is a reaction video channel. It mostly reacts to the most pathetic, idiotic, vulgar, insane videos. It has 3.7 M subscribers and so it is also a very popular channel. But look at these videos to which he reacts, How to get modern loveThe perfect brideThe Almighty stranger etc. People love these videos because of the comedy and the other level of nonsense in them. But have we ever thought that with these millions of views on the videos on these nonsense downgraded videos have helped them to become popular? If these type of people and their madness become popular then what impact it will cause on the young generation. Therefore, CarryMinati should be ban from youtube and his videos deleted.

I am not against the comedy and entertainment videos. We all need entertainment and a good laugh but not through unethical means. Not by destroying the future of our young generation.

God is everywhere: but why can’t we see him?

It is the question we ask from our childhood, it is the question which comes to the mind of every individual from the child to the old. The question is this. If God exists then where is he? Why we can’t see him? Why he has not distributed everything equally and made a perfect harmony in his creation?

According to the Hindu philosophy, the soul doesn’t die, the body does. So, the soul reincarnates in a new body through birth. Therefore, the soul is immortal. And there are places like heaven and hell. We have to pay the price of our good and bad deeds in heaven or hell. And it is believed that God is everywhere with every one of us. Then why he doesn’t help us in our need? Because God has created us by giving everything within us. We can get the required energy, intellect from within us.

If it is true that God is everywhere then why can’t we see him? Why is he hiding from us? This is because he simply wants to play ‘hide and seek’ with us. And when by doing a great amount of prayer and devotion towards him he will be visible to us and give us whatever we want. I was just joking! We pray, believe in God and do our duty. Lord  Krishna in Mahabharata, the Kurukshetra war told Arjuna that the human has to do their work and leave everything in the hand of God. That means no worry, the worry is left to God.  We see the Sun and afraid its fury i.e. heat and energy. We no longer pray it because we have seen it and its fury. Likewise, if we see God in his original state then we will be shocked, afraid and terrified by his power, vigor and vivid nature. We will be so afraid that we will forget to love and pray to him.


God has given the humans the power to love. The word love itself is everything in describing this world and God. God wants to love him, his creation and each other. Because the hatred and anger destroy everything in this world. Therefore, if we can see God then we will forget to love him and pray with love. But we will start to worship out of afraid.


And God has provided us the path of love. The love for God, his creations, and the fellow human beings. Therefore, we can feel God like the air, the heat and the cold.

Hima Das, The new Indian sensation and beyond.

Hima Das, the girl from Dhing, Nagaon, Assam is the new sports heartthrob of India. Why wouldn’t she be? She has won the Gold at 400 mt race in World Junior Athletics, therefore, she deserves it. She deserves a heroic welcome and benefits given by the government and other bodies. I am very happy for her. Because no Indian has ever achieved that, whether men or women. At last a girl, women have done it. Remember the previous Olympic games? It is the women who have to keep Indian boat float. A grand salute to the Indian women from an Indian man.

Hima Das is a golden girl who glittered out of the fire. But why we have to wait so long to have athletes of world standards? Look at the nearest neighbor of India, i.e. China! Have you ever astound by their ability to win medals in Olympic games and other International games? The Chinese are shorter than Indian, and we are not inferior to them in terms of power and intellect. Then why we have to wait for ages to earn a single gold medal and the Chinese are winning them more than every country of the world other than the USA? It is because of the environment, Government and parents.


India has no conducive environment for sports. Rather than Cricket, which is a time-consuming sport, other sports are not considered a chance of making any type of career. And even we only give emphasis on study and other intellectual activities. There is no proper employment opportunity for the sports person and women. Therefore, lack of enthusiasm regarding sports and its related activities has made the environment unsuitable to play sports and athletics and see it as a lucrative career.


The government has done not enough to promote sports and athletics. The grass root level infrastructures, playgrounds are not satisfactory. There are not enough tournaments, games, competitions are being organized. And there is no special classes and courses which are effectively implemented. So, the lack of initiated of the government has played an important part in our poor performance in sports.


Indian parents are so much loving, caring that they want to keep their child embrace in their chest till their end of life. The child not allowed to play outside, choose sports as a career and they even don’t allow them to play the games which the child love. They are so protective that even a 50 years old man is treated as an adolescent in some instance. Even I asked to learn and play karate. But I was denied because they decided that it is too dangerous.


If these three entities the Environment, The Government and the parents do not work as a body and support sort wholeheartedly Indian dreams of winning bunch of Gold medals and playing in FIFA World Cup would remain a distant, impossible dream.


To the Indian kids of this century

Kids of every generation is getting smarter than the previous one. They are getting more modern and technologically advance. This is the era of Internet. Internet has truly made the world a village. The mobile phone revolution is also very much responsible for this. The kids have become addicted to the Internet and they are busy in the virtual world.


Many great men said that T.V. is a idiot box. The television has made the people fat, lazy and worthless. They have abolished and suggested others watching television. Today, I am afraid that Internet has been taking the place of Internet. And it is more dangerous than Television. It is equally popular among the kids, adolescents and adults. It is taking our time, our friends and our purpose of life. I am not telling that Internet is bad or awful thing. It is the most incredible and very important thing invented by the human. It has bind together the human race as a whole. And it has endless good uses and possibilities. But it is the use which makes it bad or good. As it is easily and equally accessibile to all the kids and adolescent they tend to use it mostly for watching porns and other immoral things. It makes their mind dull and badly affect their mentality.


Therefore, it is my sincere urge to the kids and adolescents to use internet for information and learning. Rather than watching videos, movies and other time pass materials. It is the time for you to develop your skills, learn new things and step forward to find your purpose in life and when you find it then to never lose it. Life is very short. We have to use it for good and right things. Then only we would be able to enjoy the beautiful world in which we live.

The little things matter most in our life is what we ignore most.

32-degree Celsius outside drove in an A.C. car and reached the destination. Our destination was the Mayong police station where the Pavakati Nsk is situated. The drive was pleasant with the natural and scenic beauty of the Pobitora Sanctuary which is famous for one-horned Rhino along with The Kaziranga National park. Both sides of the road are covered with the seasonal flood water which looks astounding. The road to the destination is very hilarious sitting inside the car. It took us one and half hour to reach there.



We have reached the Pavakati Nsk but they do not seem to care much. They were sitting inside of the room sitting under the electric fans. As it was the afternoon time the sun was over our head and it is drinking our energy to light its fire. The LRCR or the head couldn’t manage a chair for us and we were given to sit in the verandah with a shaky and worn out desk-bench without any source of artificial air. As we were very much used to the mechanical air, our face, hand, and whole body were filled with diamond droplets of sweat. He was not cooperative with us and forget the golden teaching that ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or ‘The guest is like God’ in English. When somebody comes to your home or workplace than at least show some respect.


Sometimes even I fall in to guilty of the above phrase. When my wife’s girlfriends arrive at our home for some hours of gossip and conversation, I sometimes don’t talk to them. Not because that I don’t like them or because they are wasting our time, energy or money. But because I am an introvert person and am not fully prepared every time to talk with the extrovert friends of my wife. Two days ago one of her friend visited our home after many years with her son. She also asked about me and my wife told that I am in the house reading a book. Many time my wife told me to talk to her and ask her well being. But that day I was so hesitant and introverted that I couldn’t come out of my room and talk with her. I felt very much guilty because of it and managed to talk to her when she was leaving our home.



I want to finish tody’s writing with a short story whose author I have forgotten which I have read in a newspaper article. The writer writes, ” We were many children and my mother have to do all the works alone. She works the whole day and even at night. That day, she has done more work than the other days and has to cook the meal for every one of us including our father. Father arrived at nine o clock after the work. She cooked only a bread and toast for him. The bread was so overcooked that it almost became ash. Father came and sat to eat, the mother gave the overcooked, ash-like bread and to my surprise, he ate it with great pleasure. I thought he was going to scold her. At the bed I asked him, do you like to eat overcooked, ash-like bread to eat? With a pleasant smile, my father replied. No, not at all. But your mother has been working very hard all day for us and therefore we shouldn’t complain about trivial things which will hurt others feelings. Besides, eating an overcooked bread does nothing harmful to my health.

From that day I have tried not to complain or brag at everything and learned the lesson which will remain with me for the lifetime.”