Men is incomplete without women. Bachelors should remember this.

God has created the men and the women different because they both fulfill each other. Bachelors may have been discourage from getting married because of many reasons. They have either been not able to get the right women they desire or may be they are afraid that they will lose their freedom.


In the first case you have to understand that no body is perfect in this world. If you are looking for the right girl or guy I just want to tell you that look at yourself first, you are not perfect, he is not perfect, nor she is. Therefore, we have to accept the fact that the human beings comes with faults.

Secondly, if you’re afraid that you will lose your privacy, freedom then you are very much wrong. After a certain age and time every human being needs to have sex for his well being. It is the absolute truth. And the legitimate way to get a regular dose of sex is the bond of marriage. When you lose your privacy to the one person then it is not lost but it only gets complete. And there is nothing like losing freedom. You will get support from your partner in every quest of your, the selfless support. You are not free when you are alone and taking no responsibility. The true meaning of freedom means taking responsibility. A responsible person only can feel himself as free.


As I am a man I can tell you from my experience that it is great to get married and to have kids. When I am in some doubt, can’t take decisions easily then she clarifies and helps me. Before marriage I was somewhat wild, without proper aim and objective in life. But now I have a clear cut goal and work every day towards it. And in the most of the cases the women makes us or teaches us discipline.

There are many other wonderful things that happens after getting married. First the women and later the children will make you fulfill your life. Believe me only after getting married you will be able to see some rare truths of life.

Why Kerala got flooded and more than 400 people died? I can see only one villain.

The southernmost state of India, Kerala is facing a most devastating flood of the lifetime. More than 400 people died because of it and the toll is counting. The main reason so many people died is that they were caught unprepared and didn’t know what to do. The Assam, for instance, is flooded more than once by the Brahmaputra and the Barak river annually. Therefore it is expected and people and Government prepare prior to the flood. So, not so many people die because of the flood as in Kerala.


And the main cause of this flood is global warming. Scientists have been reiterating that global warming is going towards the increase of 2° Celsius of the earth’s atmosphere. When it will reach that point then the whole of humanity wouldn’t be able to reverse it no matter what they do. There will be dominoes effect from that point and the Earth will continue to rise in temperature and become a hothouse. We are heading towards the 2° Celsius warmer earth just after one or two decades. The different natural calamities indicate it like the tsunami, flood, rise in ocean level, etc. We, earthlings, are not doing enough for our planet which is the only shelter for us the human beings. Some scientists argue that the GHG are so extreme that the 2° rise in the temperature is inevitable even if all the countries abide by the Paris convention.


It is a very serious threat to the whole existence of humanity. We have to take it as our Ernest duty to reduce the GHG emission to a sustainable level and then not let it increase so that the Earth can recycle its capabilities in a suitable way. The Government’s are not doing enough. It is a matter of the humanity so it is the need of the hour to think it of a global problem and resume talks and work by all the head of the countries of the world. We have to develop more scientific breakthroughs and collaborative implementation of it.


Another fact is that the people from high to low standard of living have to understand the fact about Global warming and try to use less fossil fuel energy as much as possible. The basics like switching off fans and lights when not in use, using public transport, not using A.C., not burning the plastics and totally banning it, etc. We have to understand that it is our duty as a human being to contribute for the well being of the Earth and humanity as a whole.

Slow your pace, you don’t have to hit hard all the time.

From some days I have been playing volleyball with our locality kids. I enjoy playing with these youngsters and it also keeps me fit. And it also eases my tensions which I have been feeling for some days as I am building my dream home. It is a pain in the ass to maintain everything from the accommodation of the construction workers to deal with the bank.


Yesterday in the volleyball field I was playing with fierce. I tried every ball to hit hard and to ramble it like a bomb. And guess what I missed most of it miserably and was very ashamed. Then a player from my team who is of the age of my son got the ball and placed it smoothly in a gap. And we got the point. Then he told me with a pleasant smile, “you don’t have to hit hard the ball every time”. His words clicked my mind and heart. How true this young fellow is! I tried to slow my pace and instead of hitting hard I was just focusing on the placement of the ball.


Life can be very hectic sometimes. It is designed in this crazy-paced world to be busy all the time. Just an earthquake hit in my area while I was writing and we everyone yelled ‘horrible’ or ‘hori bol’. I don’t know it is the tradition to tell those words when an earthquake comes. But the main thing is that a natural disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. We all are very much vulnerable to the forces of nature. Therefore, why shall we be in a hurry? Slow your pace friend. In Mahabharata, Lord Sri Krishna told his disciple cum friend Arjuna,

“Don’t worry and do your duty without any expectations. Because expectations create anxiety and stress. Rather remember that you will get the desired result sooner or later when you will do your duty with full mind and heart.”


It is a very effective cure for all the tensions, depression and frustration. You have to try your best to do every job and leave the rest to the Lord. He will divide whether you are ready to receive that or not. Remember that you will not get anything if you’re not ready.


Jesus Christ in the Bible says, “G ahead if you must with this foolish pace and when you are worn out I will offer my healing. But I can make your life so rich if you will slow down now and live and move and have your being in me. God moves imperturbably, slowly, and with perfect organization. The only wise rate at which to live is God’s rate. God gets things done and they are done right and he does them without hurry. He neither fumes nor frets. He is peaceful and therefore efficient. This same peace is offered to us– “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…” (John xiv.27.)


Whenever I read the above message of Lord Jesus my mind immediately calms down and slow my pace. It instantly gives relief and brings contentment to my life. You should try it too. You will be surprised how peaceful you will be and living the life with the God’s rate.

Negative thinking creeps easily in your mind and makes your thoughts negative: Hence you become pessimistic.

The mind is the wonder that can do, achieve, create anything and everything in this world. Only because of the mind we are able to become this successful as a human being. And the most wonderful and interesting fact is that our mind never takes rest. It still functions while we take rest, do nothing or in sleep. It is really powerful because our mind makes us. Whatever we feed our mind it accepts it without asking any question. Therefore, it is our responsibility to feed it with the right food.


This women I know from close quarters is a most pessimistic person I’ve ever met or seen. She has never heard of talking good about anybody in her entire life. In every situation, in everyone, she finds some faults and starts complaining. She brats and brats in everything. She has now become mentally ill, physically sick. But she never admits or recognizes it that there can be anything like her fault also in this world. She always feeds her mind with negative thoughts and works which has resulted in making her a sober and pessimistic person. As we already know that you become what you feed your mind.


The mind is easily downtrodden towards the bad thoughts because it is very easy. Our mind doesn’t want to work hard as it has to work non stop. But it is our duty to feed our mind with good thoughts, positive attitude in everything. The globalization and the advancement of technology have made the matter worse. We are slowly becoming to love and do easy works. We have become lazy and weak both mentally and physically. Therefore bad negative thoughts can easily enter in our mind as it can be easily accepted by the mind because there is nothing much to think. Bad thoughts easily occupy our mind and so the mind becomes negative.


The only cure to curb out the negative thoughts from our mind is to force ou mind to think positive and do good things. When we constantly feed our mind with good thoughts then the mind becomes positive and always remains positive.

72nd Independence day and it’s celebration: Beyond physical and emotional show offs

I was on a short local trip to somewhere 50 km away. Shops are closed, public and government transportation is also closed. Everybody is in a jolly mood. I have my motorbike with me. Suddenly I noticed that people are holding National flags in their hands, tied it on their motorbikes, cars and some boys even in their bicycles. My mind and body erected with proud looking at that everyone is celebrating the Independence Day. During the trip from beginning to end, I witnessed many vehicles which were tied with the ‘Tiranga’. The biggest surprise was a bike rally with each of the bikes carrying the Indian National flag. It was a wonderful moment, I thought.

But it is a big showoff because not everybody that is holding a national flag is patriotic. To be patriotic to our great country India, you have to fight against corruption, say no to bribes and prejudice, abolish dowry, respect women and give them equal status. It is already written in our constitution as our fundamental duty. But many of us never apply it in our real life but read it, remember it but for the exams only. We give bandhs, do hartals, and destroy public property instead of protecting it. We want shortcuts, we are superstitious, we are prejudiced. How can we be called patriotic? Rather we are the cunning blue jackel.

Obesity is mental as well as physical. It can be controlled but you have to fight a continuous battle


Obesity is a disease which is both mental and physical. Therefore, it is very hard to get rid of as it also requires continuous active efforts. It may be hereditary or lifestyle disease. But the important thing here is to consider that it is a disease, above all. And therefore it can be cured which is an encouraging news.


It is a mental disease for sure. People call you with names like ‘Motu’ ‘Golu’ ‘Alu’ etc. Therefore depression arrives in the obese people. One of my cousin sisters is so much depressed because of obesity is that she eats more because of depression. She says that it feels good to eat the fast food though she knows that it is not good for her, but can’t resist the urge. She is called as ‘Chawmin’ in her college and even the teachers call her by that name. It embarrasses her from deep within. Her little remaining confidence, urge to overcome the disease of obesity dies little by little. She is shattered and the last hope of getting rid of this disease fades away from her. Therefore, she is living a very difficult life. This is sheer a mental obstacle that she and lots of other people are facing today.


Even I am an overweighted man. Many times I try rigorously to lessen my weight to an aggregate level and I succeed too. But the success doesn’t last for very long and I put out the same amount of weight as before. It is purely a mental faculty to wake up early in the morning and to go jogging, aerobics or any other physical activity. It is really a big challenge for everyone. You have to continue it no matter what. Because if you take a break for more than a week then it is very easy to lose your focus and very hard to return to the schedule. We become sometimes so busy that it becomes impossible to continue the morning or evening schedule of exercise.

Therefore, I prefer the play way method. I am a great fan of outdoor sports like football and also enjoy playing badminton and volleyball. PLaying any game which involves any physical activity is a very entertaining way to lose your extra fat.



Physical Obstacle:

Though obesity disease is mostly a mental obstacle it is also a physical thing. Especially when a person becomes more obese and the body weight increases tremendously then the body starts to give pain. The physical pain becomes very enormous sometimes. Many people don’t want to do physical exercise because of the physical pain. They become lazy and therefore their body resist to work more.

But then only the sheer mental power can be able to overcome this difficult situation.

We have to understand that obesity is a time bomb which will burst when is not known to anybody.


The housewife is the most wonderful women in the world: Look at the primitive cultures where the men go for hunting and the women look after the kids and other household activities.

Housewife is a word that is looked down as disgrace and insulting. Whenever I introduce my wife to my colleagues and friends then they only want to know what she does. Does she work outside the home in a government job? They don’t ask whether she is working or not. When they say that is she is working means that is she is working in a job or not. This is the most awkward situation I have been facing in my life. Because my wife is not a government job holder.


It embarrasses me when I see the mentality of the people.  It is not that she can’t get a job whether private or government. She has all the quality and essential qualification to get a job and she is also very much interested in the beauty industry. It is because we are planning to have a baby for which she has been staying home and I gave her freedom to choose her life and do whatever she likes.


One old relative asked me, what is your wife is doing now? Is she is into something? The question refers that does she has got a job.

I replied promptly, Yes, elder uncle she is looking after the house and household chores. She is doing fine and a very hard work. It means that we have to rely solely on my income but it is okay as we are very simple in living and making expenses. At this, he kept quiet and didn’t utter any word further.


In a marriage ceremony of a relative, both I and my wife were present. The atmosphere was electric, drums are rolling, people are dancing, reception is going on in full fledge. Everyone from the children to old is very happy and laughing in a good mood. Then the first question came from a friend of my better half. Do you have no children? We are planning to have one, my wife replied. She didn’t tell that our first child had died just after few days after born. It is still paining us tremendously like a wound. We are trying to revive ourself from pain when she again aimed another arrow.
Where are you working now? She asked.

I am a housewife. My wife replied.

Oh! It must be a very easy and relaxing life you’re living. I have a government job. And I don’t get any time for my family and the house. She said like as she is a multi-millionaire job holder.

That’s why I haven’t allowed my wife to work right now. Actually, it is her choice. It is not easy to be a housewife. A housewife has to look after the family, parents, and the household chores. It is very hard work from early morning to late at night. A service holder simply works from nine to five and then get time for herself or himself, but the housewife doesn’t. You get Saturday and Sunday off, she doesn’t. There is no leisure, no holiday for a housewife. If there will be no housewife then there will be no good house to live in.


How can you grow your children properly if they don’t get enough time from their parents? And read history and you will find that the men go hunting and women stays in the house and prepares the meals, feasts. Even in some regions and some parts, it is still prevalent.

I’m not against the working of women in any sort of job and work. But it should depend upon them and they should opt to look after the children as they are the natural rearer. Above all, as the men, it is our responsibility to earn enough to survive nicely without having to the women work.

The Hindu has published the post on August 02, ‘To what end this exercise’, which is about the NRC updating process of the State of Assam and it is not best suit for our national interest.

I don’t want to reiterate that the media is the fourth pillar of our democracy. It is the duty and responsibility of the media to uncover the truth and inform the mass about the good and bad going on in the country and the world. Therefore I respect them and everybody should. But the leading newspaper of India The Hindu has published this post which is not very best for our national interest. The article is ‘To what end this exercise?’ by Alok Prasanna Kumar a resident of Bengaluru. He has tried to say that in Assam the government and the court want to harass the public for nothing. He also allegedly blamed the Supreme Court of India for certain reasons.


Mr. Alok Prasanna Kumar has been not aware of the situation of Assam. Nor he tried to understand the feelings of the Assamese people. As they are in fear of their identity in their home itself. I don’t blame him because nobody who is not from Assam can correctly understand the grim situation which prevails in Assam. Assamese people are facing the danger of extinct due to these illegal migrants especially from Bangladesh. These Bangladeshi are everywhere from agricultural fields to construction, government job and even they are in the mainstream politics. Assam was in the top five states of India at the time of Independence but now it is from the bottom line. This has happened mainly because of the illegal immigration from Bangladesh. Because they have captured the lands, unprecedented growth of population which affected the states economy and polity.

I have been doing the NRC updating process for 3yrs, excluding my duty as an Assistant Teacher. If the process of NRC update continues to delay what will happen to the future of the students and other works in offices? As 52 thousand officials have been working day and night out.
We all know that it is not an easy process and the honorable Supreme Court does not have a magic wand to do everything correctly every time. They are learning from experiences and their faults. Therefore, there is the probability of change in the decision to exclude and include the Gaon Panchayat’s certificate to verify the married women. And above all as the Nrc upadating process is very gruesome work there is need to change the tactics regularly in order to get the correct data. People of Assam also want the updation of the NRC irrespective of religion, caste and creed. Yes, it is complicated and why it would not be? No body is experienced regarding it and their is bound to arise complex and complicated questions. But the Assamese people are so patient and hard working that they have bore every hardship for the sake of a correct National Register of Citizens(NRC).


Lastly, I want to confirm that from the 40 lakhs of people who are excluded from the consolidated final draft will get proper time and opportunity to enter their names. And I am sure that no people will be left after the final NRC who are true Indian Citizen, they will be given citizenship. There is nothing to worry about the true Indian citizens and no one will be able to escape if they are illegal immigrants of any other country.

Mamta Banerji, Congress are phishing against the NRC (National Register of Citizens), there is miles to go.

Trinamool Congress party’s all India President and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee and the Indian National Congress is vehemently opposing the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Assam which is being conducted from February 2015. They are doing this only for the vote, to retain their power and throne. For their own sake, they have deliberately forgotten their duty towards their nation and nationals. By hindering the NRC update process they are doing anti-national work as they are supporting the foreigners. What do we do the traitors and terrorists of the nation? We hang them till death. Mamata Banerjee is no less than a traitor to the Indians and behaving like a terrorist.


The 40 lakh people who have got excluded from the consolidated final draft Nrc will get enough time to prove their citizenship. If they can produce valid and enough documents then they will be included in the final NRC, Assam. There is no doubt about it. Then why these anti-national, brainless creatures vomiting their poison everywhere from media, news channels to the parliament.  They don’t want to acknowledge the grim situation of Assam and Assamese people. How their future of language, culture, and political rights are getting lost inch by inch. It has already in the peak and ready to bite the head after which Assamese will vanish from this Universe.


But I want to warn that NRC updation is a very needy thing in Assam and therefore the Supreme Court have been showing tremendous interest and giving very prompt decisions regarding it. And Assamese people have a strong history of being the fighter. Assamese people never afraid of anything when it comes to the Assamese language and Indian identity. There is enough time for every thing to correct. Even in thr District I live, 39 family who were declared as foreigners have entered their name in the final draft which is direct negligence and anti-national. Therefore, the men behind these activities should be immediately sent to jail by taking a very strict decision.

Why is these people distributing leaflets about Christianity?

First of all, I want to confess that I love the Christian religion. It has a charismatic character in it. It is believed by the highest amount of population in the world.  And the Christian religion is spread all over the world in many corner and remote places. They are trying every day to spread it like wildfire through missionaries and schools. In north-east India, in almost every state the Christian religion has set foot and converted every people. In some parts of Assam like karbi Anglong, and tribal living areas the Christian missionaries and schools have converted many people to Cristian religion. It is easily be taken by the tribal people of Assam and the other North-East India because they don’t discriminate and provide economically and other helps to them. There is another reason behind it. The Christian religion is mainly associated with the rich, developed Western Countries and their lifestyle. Therefore, the people easily get fascinated and carried away with their living style and advancement. By taking the Cristian religion they want to relate themselves with the western lifestyle and culture.


I’m not against the Cristian or any other religion, I reiterate. Every religion is divine and proponent of peace in this world. But I’m against the forceful planned spreading of religion and everyone should be able to choose his/her own belief. Yesterday, I met three people, One man and two women distributing leaflets in our area. It is titled ‘Are you afraid?’ Actually, it is an Assamese translation of a small part of the Bible. They are going house to house to distribute it. I have met them on the street and asked them, what are you doing sir? He told me that we are distributing this, a part of the Bible. Then I replied that I’ve read all the religious sects of the world but nowhere it is written that impose this religion on the people who already have a belief, a religion.


Actually, our colony, the village is full of the Hindu religious believers. The Hindu religion is not only religion but it is a lifestyle, culture and general belief. It is the most peaceful religion and it is one of the oldest religion in the world. It’s sacred sects, philosophy is older than the history itself and it is an indispensable part of the most of the Indians. We don’t have to take and look at other religions to grow and progress in life and as a nation, the Hindu religion is more than capable of helping us and living our life peacefully and in tranquility.