Obesity is mental as well as physical. It can be controlled but you have to fight a continuous battle


Obesity is a disease which is both mental and physical. Therefore, it is very hard to get rid of as it also requires continuous active efforts. It may be hereditary or lifestyle disease. But the important thing here is to consider that it is a disease, above all. And therefore it can be cured which is an encouraging news.


It is a mental disease for sure. People call you with names like ‘Motu’ ‘Golu’ ‘Alu’ etc. Therefore depression arrives in the obese people. One of my cousin sisters is so much depressed because of obesity is that she eats more because of depression. She says that it feels good to eat the fast food though she knows that it is not good for her, but can’t resist the urge. She is called as ‘Chawmin’ in her college and even the teachers call her by that name. It embarrasses her from deep within. Her little remaining confidence, urge to overcome the disease of obesity dies little by little. She is shattered and the last hope of getting rid of this disease fades away from her. Therefore, she is living a very difficult life. This is sheer a mental obstacle that she and lots of other people are facing today.


Even I am an overweighted man. Many times I try rigorously to lessen my weight to an aggregate level and I succeed too. But the success doesn’t last for very long and I put out the same amount of weight as before. It is purely a mental faculty to wake up early in the morning and to go jogging, aerobics or any other physical activity. It is really a big challenge for everyone. You have to continue it no matter what. Because if you take a break for more than a week then it is very easy to lose your focus and very hard to return to the schedule. We become sometimes so busy that it becomes impossible to continue the morning or evening schedule of exercise.

Therefore, I prefer the play way method. I am a great fan of outdoor sports like football and also enjoy playing badminton and volleyball. PLaying any game which involves any physical activity is a very entertaining way to lose your extra fat.



Physical Obstacle:

Though obesity disease is mostly a mental obstacle it is also a physical thing. Especially when a person becomes more obese and the body weight increases tremendously then the body starts to give pain. The physical pain becomes very enormous sometimes. Many people don’t want to do physical exercise because of the physical pain. They become lazy and therefore their body resist to work more.

But then only the sheer mental power can be able to overcome this difficult situation.

We have to understand that obesity is a time bomb which will burst when is not known to anybody.


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