NRC Assam and its ground realities: Will it curb out the illegal Bangladeshi problem?

On 30th July, 2018 the Final draft Nrc was released in Assam. It is a significant step towards the security of the indeginous people of Assam. 40 lakhs people are excluded from the final draft Nrc. But the ground reality is that there are 52 thousand official which were working hard to compile a true and faultless NRC. But I am quite sure and definite that there are many difficulties during the compilation of the NRC, final draft as to err is human being. I have been working in the NRC from almost 3 years now and can say definitely that most of the name not included in the final draft will file objection report and most of their names will be included in the final NRC, which will be published on 31 December approximately.


And after the Final NRC I am analyzing and speculating that only 2 to 3 lakhs of illegal foreigners will be identified and may be, I say again, may be deported to their respective countries. That also will be not fruitful because they will be able to enter Assam, India very easily. Why I am telling that only 2 to 3 lakhs foreigners will be identified in the final Nrc? Because there are many complications in declaring a person foreigner. There are many Nsk where there are much more wrong decision being taken in the final draft. We can’t blame the officials as there are huge numbe of people working and everyones merit is not equal.


Politicians will yell their throat out in whatever opportunity they gets. Take the example of Mamta Banerjee who is telling that there is a situation of civil war in Assam, India. But the ground reality is that there is no confusion in the mind of the genuine Indian citizens and they know that their name will definitely come in the final NRC, Assam.


Foget about the politicians and the leaders who want to take advantage of any situation in their personal gain. I am pretty sure that there will be no mass exclusion of illegal foreigners rather of very little amount. But I am sure that it will not allowed to enter more illegal foreigners in Assam, India in the future. It will be ensured that whatever stuation, position the Assam’s political, economic will be decided by the legally admissible Indians. And the illegal immigrants who had already became Indian have already done the damage to Assam’s overall statue. There is not much left.

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