Negative thinking creeps easily in your mind and makes your thoughts negative: Hence you become pessimistic.

The mind is the wonder that can do, achieve, create anything and everything in this world. Only because of the mind we are able to become this successful as a human being. And the most wonderful and interesting fact is that our mind never takes rest. It still functions while we take rest, do nothing or in sleep. It is really powerful because our mind makes us. Whatever we feed our mind it accepts it without asking any question. Therefore, it is our responsibility to feed it with the right food.


This women I know from close quarters is a most pessimistic person I’ve ever met or seen. She has never heard of talking good about anybody in her entire life. In every situation, in everyone, she finds some faults and starts complaining. She brats and brats in everything. She has now become mentally ill, physically sick. But she never admits or recognizes it that there can be anything like her fault also in this world. She always feeds her mind with negative thoughts and works which has resulted in making her a sober and pessimistic person. As we already know that you become what you feed your mind.


The mind is easily downtrodden towards the bad thoughts because it is very easy. Our mind doesn’t want to work hard as it has to work non stop. But it is our duty to feed our mind with good thoughts, positive attitude in everything. The globalization and the advancement of technology have made the matter worse. We are slowly becoming to love and do easy works. We have become lazy and weak both mentally and physically. Therefore bad negative thoughts can easily enter in our mind as it can be easily accepted by the mind because there is nothing much to think. Bad thoughts easily occupy our mind and so the mind becomes negative.


The only cure to curb out the negative thoughts from our mind is to force ou mind to think positive and do good things. When we constantly feed our mind with good thoughts then the mind becomes positive and always remains positive.

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