Men is incomplete without women. Bachelors should remember this.

God has created the men and the women different because they both fulfill each other. Bachelors may have been discourage from getting married because of many reasons. They have either been not able to get the right women they desire or may be they are afraid that they will lose their freedom.


In the first case you have to understand that no body is perfect in this world. If you are looking for the right girl or guy I just want to tell you that look at yourself first, you are not perfect, he is not perfect, nor she is. Therefore, we have to accept the fact that the human beings comes with faults.

Secondly, if you’re afraid that you will lose your privacy, freedom then you are very much wrong. After a certain age and time every human being needs to have sex for his well being. It is the absolute truth. And the legitimate way to get a regular dose of sex is the bond of marriage. When you lose your privacy to the one person then it is not lost but it only gets complete. And there is nothing like losing freedom. You will get support from your partner in every quest of your, the selfless support. You are not free when you are alone and taking no responsibility. The true meaning of freedom means taking responsibility. A responsible person only can feel himself as free.


As I am a man I can tell you from my experience that it is great to get married and to have kids. When I am in some doubt, can’t take decisions easily then she clarifies and helps me. Before marriage I was somewhat wild, without proper aim and objective in life. But now I have a clear cut goal and work every day towards it. And in the most of the cases the women makes us or teaches us discipline.

There are many other wonderful things that happens after getting married. First the women and later the children will make you fulfill your life. Believe me only after getting married you will be able to see some rare truths of life.

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