Married men, it is not the sole responsibility of the women to remain faithful: You also have to play your part.

We are much-advanced society now. We Indians are technologically advanced, at least in the field of mobile phone and data usage. Thanks to Mukesh Ambani’s ‘JIO’ which made possible for every possible Indian to get access to cheap 4G data. It has revolutionized the Indian society in many good ways. But today I am discussing its bad impacts and other factors among Indians which is making our age-old tradition die based on which our societies values, morality lies.



We are following the west, especially the USA as a global citizen. Be it the data revolution, the technological advancement or the globalization, the impact upon the morality, sanctity to the Indian society is drastic. It has been degrading continuously.



One of my friend Hari (it is a replicate name) said that he manages to cheat his wife regularly.

I said, “What will you do if she also cheats you”?

“I will straightly go for divorce if she does that. I can’t live with such a bitch.” He replied.

“How can you expect others to be good if you are doing bad to them? And besides, it is not the only responsibility of the women to remain faithful, sanctity. You have the same amount of responsibility too.” I told him it on his face.

Obviously he didn’t has the answer and decided not to talk with me again.



Our society is going towards the western values where the polygamy is a common thing. It is the time to step our feet backward. Even in the western countries are patronizing monogamy nowadays. Then why we should leave our age-old values and morality. To the married man, if you are practicing polygamy then you are not only ruining your own life and family but also the other family which the women, girl belongs. Think about it clearly for some time and try to understand the beauty of it, the married life. You have a woman who loves you, cares for you, even when you are shattered, you have no job, you are ill and disable. She cares your kids by giving them divine love, raising them with great difficulty but with love in the heart. She loves to suffer with you and keeps the joyous moments forever. How does she will feel when she knew that you have been cheating her for another woman? Bring yourself to her place and think deeply for some time. You will get the answer.



“The Men will be men”. Is a popular T.V. commercial where the men are encouraged to become mischevious, cheater. Porn videos are very popular and easily accessible these days. No restriction of age bar and the videos are shown unnatural, incestuous and cheating husband and wife. The porn industry has been making the youths minds growth abnormal. Encouraging the adults to have incestuous relationships. Both television and internet is taking so much toll on the mind of this generation that they have begun to think of women as a mere sexual object. They have no respect for women and a good, healthy relationship.



Remember that it is divine when you get the devotion of her heart, body, and soul from a woman. Similarly, if you reciprocate the love and devotion towards her than your life will have a purpose, divinity on this earth. Otherwise, if you are polygamous and sleep with one after another woman soon you will become a lonely man and rot and die like a street dog.

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