Mamta Banerji, Congress are phishing against the NRC (National Register of Citizens), there is miles to go.

Trinamool Congress party’s all India President and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee and the Indian National Congress is vehemently opposing the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Assam which is being conducted from February 2015. They are doing this only for the vote, to retain their power and throne. For their own sake, they have deliberately forgotten their duty towards their nation and nationals. By hindering the NRC update process they are doing anti-national work as they are supporting the foreigners. What do we do the traitors and terrorists of the nation? We hang them till death. Mamata Banerjee is no less than a traitor to the Indians and behaving like a terrorist.


The 40 lakh people who have got excluded from the consolidated final draft Nrc will get enough time to prove their citizenship. If they can produce valid and enough documents then they will be included in the final NRC, Assam. There is no doubt about it. Then why these anti-national, brainless creatures vomiting their poison everywhere from media, news channels to the parliament.  They don’t want to acknowledge the grim situation of Assam and Assamese people. How their future of language, culture, and political rights are getting lost inch by inch. It has already in the peak and ready to bite the head after which Assamese will vanish from this Universe.


But I want to warn that NRC updation is a very needy thing in Assam and therefore the Supreme Court have been showing tremendous interest and giving very prompt decisions regarding it. And Assamese people have a strong history of being the fighter. Assamese people never afraid of anything when it comes to the Assamese language and Indian identity. There is enough time for every thing to correct. Even in thr District I live, 39 family who were declared as foreigners have entered their name in the final draft which is direct negligence and anti-national. Therefore, the men behind these activities should be immediately sent to jail by taking a very strict decision.

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