Little kids beware : Road blocks ahead!

I would be very terrifying if I were a newborn kid today. I would become like a computer who is programmed to perform different activities according to the command given. There was a student from class two whom I have taught as a tuition teacher before I got a job. He was a very small kid with good aptitude and always remains first in his class. One day I asked him about his daily routine.



He said he wakes up at 5 o clock in the morning. Then he does his morning activities and sits on the table to read. After that, he does breakfast and went to school. In 3 o clock when he comes from school he becomes wasted and sleeps after lunch. Then again in the evening, he has to read till night and dinner. And sleeps after the dinner. Wow! what a great routine. Thank you, Indian parents, you have killed a mind and created a machine. Off course machine is more valuable than the mind!



When does your kid get time to play outside beside in the mobile and computer? When they hang out with the other kids? When will they run before the butterfly, play with dirt and exclaim at the creations of nature? I asked his parents. But they don’t have an answer. Actually, most of the Indian parents have no answer to these questions. They simply want to be parents of a topper in studies. The schools are also very much responsible for this. They made a syllabus so vast for a grade one or two students that it seems they want the child to learn everything at the beginning of their school or their life.


And God bless them they are the test monsters. They take this test and that test every now and then to keep intense pressure on the child all the time. They know the parents will be happy when their kids will pass with top grades which will make them proud. For that purpose, the kids are tortured mentally and physically.



MY dear parents think of an awful, terrifying situation when the little kids are playing in the dirt with the smell of earth, they are being creative while drawing, singing and dancing in the out, let them become themselves and do what they simply love to do! This an awkward situation where no parents have to fall, I praise. Let us make our children robotic, computerize them and programme their hard disks in the very beginning so that they simply forget to become themselves. Then only we will get and create an idle citizen for India. Kill their thoughts and curiosity in the very beginning otherwise they might become scientists, inventors, writers, industrialists, artists which will be a very bad thing for a nation!

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