Life is not easy gliding but it is stumbles in every step you take forward

Do you think that life is a bed of roses? If you feel that life is a smooth glide without any stumble and obstacle then my dear friend you are very much wrong. One of my teacher colleagues has no children of his own but he adopted a girl child and live a life of total tension free. He drinks regularly and doesn’t care much about the family and the child. He lives without care and an aimless life and simply wasting it. If you want to live and die like him without any purpose, aim in life then you will live tension free but live in vain.

But if you want to live a meaningful life then you must suffer, must struggle and persevere. You have to be a fighter in life who never back down and stands up every time. I have learned it very hard way in life. The life knocks me out every time but I never cease to wake up and stand again to take another blow from it. It is not an easy practice to never give up. It takes enormous strength and mental power.

The most worse case is when you are alone, even the family members are against you and you feel very lonely. Your family is your greatest strength because they are very close to us and we bond with blood relationship. Whenever a person faces any problem then the family members arrive first to help and support. But if your family opposes every step you make, they block every effort of you make to progress in life then you are a very unlucky person. Sadly many people face that regularly. It is very very hard to tackle this situation but we don’t have to lose our heart. If you have no one then walk alone. If nobody cares about you then you should also ignore them and do your work.

Hope this short topic helps you somehow. And make comment if you like it, thank you.

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