Lack of physical activities and your mind and body weight

Hi friends, I am a near to fat guy like many people in India. We Indians are exercising our brains more than our body. In fact, it is the fact of the whole world in general. Americans already have a bad reputation for being an overweight nation. We Indians are also not very far behind. Then why I shall remain backward? In this sense, maybe I and you also try to forget our guilt and try to content self that everybody is getting their share of the excess weight. And we make many excuses for not going to the field, park or to a gym to workout. The number one excuse is that we don’t get time to work out.



This is my number one excuse to trick my mind. I often find myself so busy that I don’t have the zeal and energy to workout for that day, I tell to content my mind. These days I have been working as an officer in National Register of Citizens or NRC in Morigaon, Assam. And I have to work until 5 pm of the evening. Which makes me tired and exhausted. Therefore, I am being not able to do any physical exercise and activities, I deceive my mind. But is it really so? Not at all. I can wake up early in the morning and then workout, exercise, jog, whatever else physical activity I choose. Because when there is a door closed, God opens thousands of other doors. You have to look properly.



It is all in the mind. You have to think positive in the mind and to believe that God is with us all the time and we can do, achieve anything with the help of God. We are a part of God so we have the power of God within us. We have to just realize that and act so. Look at this like a droplet of tiny water. It consists of Hydrogen and oxygen which is same as the mighty ocean. An Ocean is not full if the droplets of water dry up one by one. Therefore, you have to believe that you can achieve everything you wish from the core of your heart.

Now, I am feeling awful these days. Because of not doing any physical activity I have become overweight. I work hard in the office for the whole day in the NRC office but only mentally. There is very minimal or no physical activity there. Due to this, I have been not able to sleep well and my concentration level is depleting. There is a good relationship between the physical activity and sleep. Because the body is not tired of physical activity so the endorphins level of the body is low so the sleep is not adequate and sound.



I have decided to do any reasonable amount of physical activity daily in spite of all difficulties and hurdles which I make for myself. I believe in God and myself that he is with me all the time in all endeavors and I can do anything. Do you feel the same way? Comment and share your thoughts below.
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