India’s main problem: The population

Even after 77 years of Independance India is termed as developing country. We are 100th country in the world hunger index. This is a very shameful position and condition for us. And the main reason behind all these is the unrestricted growth of population. The unrestricted growth of population is can’t be checked due to the lack of proper education. Particularly, in the poor household and the religious belief of a certain community is responsible for it. All the governmental measures for checking the population goes vain till now.

It is the need of the hour to take a two child policy by the government and implement it strictly. Assam government have taken a stance on this by passing a law tegarding this. Indian government should learn from it’s states like Assam where there is a beginning of a new era. Again, it is very important to kill the poverty and educate the massess to adopt an one or two child for maximum. Then only our motherland India would be able to stand among developed nation. What a proud moment for us would be!

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