Indian Society is in horrible state: No one is safe from human to animals! Why is this happening?

One pregnant goat is raped by 8 men brutally, mercilessly and she died next day! Where do we are living? In the stone age? Are we still barbarous cannibals who eat raw flesh? Otherwise, how can a gang of people rape and murder a pregnant animal? They are the perfect example of our rotten society. Forget about other crimes, the horrendous act of rapes are so widespread that they are no longer remain a sensational news and talked about. I hate to say that the people are getting used to the rapes!


The reasons for these rapes of the children to the oldest women are not very easy to compile. As there is no one reason and cause for it. But in my observance, the lack of moral education and the technological advancement is the main cause of this degradation in the society.

To enrich our child with moral education we have to start from the very beginning and the parents are the main element of it. Parents are the teachers, philosophers, and guide of the child. They become good,  bad, moral, immoral in their home. The parents have to take the responsibility to give the child moral education which will remain the whole life with him. To give moral lessons to the child the parents should bow the seed of faith in God. Let it rear and grow till it became an ocean of faith which will make remain him or her unshaken in any given situation. It is more important to provide moral education and faith in God than formal education. The formal education only helps the child to get a job, an establishment but the moral education and faith show the child the right path of the life, his purpose of existing in this world. What if the child is well established but become a rapist, murderer etc? His life will ruin in hell or jail.


The technological development is a boon and a ban at the same time. Take from the least dangerous things. The social media. The social media is a tool to get in touch with your friends, to get instant news and information. But at the same time, it promotes violence, hatred and mental sickness. The rumors in social media are so powerful that it has taken the life of many men and women in our country. Take the example of the computer I have been writing on by typing without a pen and paper. But I can also see pornography on the internet very easily with a click of a button or two. And not only the computer, the mobile devices are so available and powerful that even a 10 years child can access it and watch the unnatural, bizarre pornography. Think about a few seconds that how a little child reacts to that immoral acknowledgement of the so-called love. At age 10 or 11 or so a child is not enough to ripen to understand the shameless acts. And they are not young enough to not recognize anything. Think about the dilemma, the tragedy which the child will face. They will have to carry the immoral caricature in their skulls all the time. It is not easy to understand that the mind of the child is devastated from the very beginning of their life.

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