India can become an advanced nation like no country has ever become: Yes we can.

India can, really can thrive as a Nation and become a gem of this world. We Indians are very hard working and intelligent. There is not any hurdle which can keep us from becoming number one. We are a country of youths and young. We have more than 65% of the population under the age of 35. This is an astounding fact and it shows the capacity of our country. Our youth has the capacity to run the whole world. We can provide top professionals to the world.

But to get that position of running the world our youth must work hard, get out of their comfort zone. The young are the future of tomorrow and always remember that the old write history but the young make history. So, I appeal to Indian youths from my heart to stand out and work hard for you and for the Nation. Here are some valuable lessons which I have learned from my hard owned experience which I want to share with you. By following these you can’t be unsuccessful in your life.


Hard Work:

My dear boys and girls, please listen to me carefully. There is No Alternative of hard work. Don’t be lazy, half awake sloths rather you should become an ant which works very hard and carries more loads than his capacity. When I often meet youths without any ambition and lack of enthusiasm in life then I feel very sad. I just want to tell them by yelling, don’t waste a minute you moron! Get out of your hibernation and do some work. You can get whatever you want in your life as you are young and able.

Hard work is everything to succeed in any field of life. You may be lack of talent and intelligent but hard work even beats the intelligent. What will be a more suitable example then the great Inventor Thomas Alva Edison? He told that 99% is perseverance and only one percent is intelligent. Then why you can’t achieve anything? Do you think that the great and successful people don’t work hard? Then you are wrong they work hard. Every person in this Universe has to work hard to survive and thrive. Even the most successful person has to continue to work hard to maintain his status.


No Excuses:

We every one in this world has a ton of excuses available for us to show people why we are not successful. And I know they are valid also. I have made many excuses throughout my life. But I have learned that excuses are never worked especially it is only cheating to the self. You are maybe sick, maybe disable or maybe very poor. But if you look at the examples of the great man even in the contemporary world you would be astounded to know their success story. It is only a mental game. They had a ton of excuses but they choose to work hard and forget those shortcomings.

Do you think that somebody cares about your excuses? You are wrong, nobody cares about your excuses and hardships because they have their own! If you smile the world smiles with you but if are sad then nobody will be sad because of you. Therefore, no excuses if a cancer patient Yuvraj Singh can be on the squad of Indian cricket team then you can do anything. It only takes a step forward to walk, the miles will be covered by the following steps.



Take Risk:

The classic saying, “No Risk No gain” is very true and important factor to be successful in this world. The Neanderthals have not taken the risk of crossing the African plains then we would have been living in the trees with the monkeys. Our whole civilization has depended upon taking risk. Then why you are not taking any risk yet?


We Indians have the very bad habit of homesickness. We can’t easily leave our parents home. So, we can’t take our own decision and depend upon parents. Therefore, we lack the self confidence to compete with the youth of world which are self-reliant and confident. So, get out of your home, your comfort zone and live wherever you can. Live in a factory, your car or even the basement but run out of your home and take risk. Go do anything you like or you have to do to survive till you find your purpose, passion. And when you find your purpose of life then stick to it. Stick to it till you have fulfilled it or continue to try for the eternity.

Take risk to earn money, to thrive in bussiness, to learn new things and technology. The days will be not far when we Indians will be the richest people in the world both material and spiritually. And India will become the number one Nation.

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