If you don’t have your own home than be prepared to hear this

I was just coming out of my gate then I heard a song, “I am a nomad, I am homeless, I am a nomad, I am homeless”.

It was sung by some construction workers of my front house. I know the target, the victim was me. My head was boiled for a split of a second but I controlled and went to my duty.


They may have somehow come to know that I am staying in my in-law’s house. And they have must be imagined that I am a hopeless, useless and workless fellow who depends on others to eat, sleep and stay. It is their perception rather than the actual knowledge about me. And I don’t want to fight with some worthless, brainless fellows. They have no justice and can’t even think properly. Actually, it has happened to me several times. I have lost my father 12 years ago and has been living along with my mother and brother until I got married in 2012. From the beginning of my marriage, my mother is treating with me and my wife as enemies. I and my wife has tried every means to become friendly with her but can’t because she didn’t want it. She simply needs slaves who will work for her and listen to her every needless need.


Therefore, I have started building my home by taking a loan from the bank. It is an Assam state governments loan scheme called the ‘APON GHAR’ with a low rate of interest. But to begin building a house is easy but the finishing is very hard. Especially if you are working full time. There is not enough time to look after every detail and it is hard to maintain everything. But here goes the old saying that you can never fail if you don’t choose to. So, I have decided that I have to live a life with dignity and proud by building my own house. Because my mother doesn’t want that we i.e. I and my wife stay in the house my father had built. It is my promise and oath that I will complete building my own home by any means.



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