I am an Introvert: I don’t need to come out of my shell! Neither you.

I know very well being an introvert myself that how hard it is to socialize and live with the social norms. I have a very few friends and they are also introverts like me. Our parents and school teaches us to become more socialize and come out of our shell. They simply tell that we are some freaking, awkward human being lost inside our mind forever. Our parents even think and afraid that we may become mad or cut out of the society.



Friends from my school and college didn’t understand me as I was lost in my own world inside my brain. I often create an imaginary world and lost there for many hours without knowing or realizing about it. I feel worse in a gathering, party, and functions. At these times when I attend any of it my nervousness is shown out. Sometimes I sweat a lot, actually most of the times. Even when I am in front of my students my sweating will continue in the summer days. Don’t know why but I become nervous in front of many people and like to work and stay alone, other than my wife. Many times my colleagues complain that they have been calling me or saying something to me but I was not listening. Actually, I was lost in thoughts so much that there was not any presence of my colleagues and any other human beings.



And I really hates the small talkers. My talks with the small talkers are so discouraging that they dare to continue to talk to me. Even one of my girlfriend whom I was dating long ago complained that I didn’t talk more than “How are you? Are you okay, fine?” whenever I met her. Obviously,  the relationship didn’t last long. Sometimes when I drive a motorcycle and drive back my home I forget to stop by my home and go forward because I was thinking about something deep inside my mind. Because of this habit or the introvert mind people laugh at me at my back and they think that I am … whatever, I don’t really care about that, thinking of others because you can’t stop others every time and everything they do.


When people want a conversation then they brag about something. Especially they complain about the weather at that time. If it is hot and humid like now then they will just begin with the weather by almost yelling,

“I can’t bear this heat and humidity, how bad is this! Simply a monster and I hate the summer days but love the cool winter.”

“So what? It is summer time and it is ought to get hot and humid.” I reply and they soon shut their mouth without further hurting my adventure going on inside my mind. I know and experience that they also brag about the cold in the winter. They simply like the preppy talk to continue and waste their and others time. I can’t bear these preppy, small, worthless talks for more than a minute. They know with my behavior that I am not enjoying their talks. But it is not that I never talk. Yes, I do talk with my intimate friends and my wife for hours. We simply talk about some topic important rather than the preppy talks.



Introverts might not enjoy parties, but that isn’t because they’re afraid of them. It’s because they’re easily bored by them. They’d rather love to read a book and write something meaningful. They want to live by the moment and do things which energize them and fulfill them.

Indeed, many of the greatest inventors, engineers, creators, thinkers, writers, artists and revolutionaries have possessed the traits of introversion. Einstein, Newton, Yeats, Proust, Shakespeare, Orwell, Edison, Plato, Bill Gates — all introverts. And all incredibly successful BECAUSE of this trait, not in spite of it. Today I’m sure we’d tell Newton to “come out of his shell”. We’d be offended by Plato because he doesn’t stop to talk about the weather every time we pass him in the hall.



The reason that all the geniuses who have changed the world and still have been changing are introverts because they love to work alone. If you can’t shut your mouth for a minute then when will you think about a useful thing? You need to keep quiet and sit hours lonely in order to research, think, write, read, draw, create etc. Which an introvert can. So, don’t be embarrassed if you can’t enjoy and become the center of attention in the party because you could change the whole world for good.

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