How to write an exceedingly well blog post

Writing a blog post that draws the attention of the readers is the ultimate dream of most bloggers. A good post is the foundation pillar of success to a blogger. Blogging is so popular nowadays that everyone is into it. Therefore, the competition is skyrocketing.



I have brought to you, four points, by applying which, you can be able to write exceedingly good blog posts.




They are:

  • Must answer the questions
  • Must solve One problem
  • Must be actionable, and
  • Must deliver results





Must answer the questions:

Bloggers are the people who have to solve the problem of the readers. Find the burning question and answer that one.

You can go to the forums related to your blog’s niche. There you will get tons of burning questions. Other places to find questions are facebook groups, Quora, Reddit etc.





Must solve One problem:

You should aim to solve one problem at a time. Be specific. When we want to solve more than one problem at the same time, readers will get confused. And you would not be able to focus on more than one problem at the same time. And the quality of post will decline.





Must be actionable:

Write your posts actionable. Don’t let the readers sit back and do nothing. Provide them information which has a call to action. So that they actively use this knowledge to achieve their goal.





Must deliver result:

People want to see results. That is why the income reports of pro bloggers get more eyeballs and shares. It is in our nature that we want to see the end result.

As a blogger, it is our foremost duty to deliver something worth to our readers. They should receive something valuable to continue to be our reader and follower.



There is another way to find out good blog post ideas, apart from forums, Quora, facebook etc. It is a free website called


You have to put your keyword or phrase in the search box on which you want to get ideas to write a blog post.


In seconds, boom! You get a ton of ideas in a circular form.


And it also shows us the questions searched by people in an alphabetical manner.




Now, you know how to write an exceedingly well blog post and where to find the ideas. So, don’t over think, just write your post.

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