How to get constant motivation, zeal, enthusiasm and happiness

The saying by the so-called experts that go for the money because money gives satisfaction. This is bull shit. They are trying to making a sale or pitch to you by giving such advice. Or they simply don’t want you to know the open secret. Always remember that everything great is always free.



No amount of money is enough for us. No matter how much we earn but it is always not enough. Think about the things you acquire. Did they always give you the same amount of happiness as used to give at the beginning? Certainly not. Because everything fades away with time but true love and kindness.


Our human mind is designed not to get complete satisfaction in the material things. Therefore, we continue to strive to acquire more and more material things.


Therefore we have to learn to achieve happiness by helping others. Think of a particular thing that you love to do. You will do it even without getting any payment. Then just go along that path. And always remember that this thing should always at least help one person.

Find ways to help others through that particular thing you love. The more you will to help others and give others more you will achieve your desired things like money, love, respect etc.


So you want to buy a luxurious car, house and so on. But after some time the things become obsolete in your mind.  Their value does not remain same in your mind. Besides that, your liabilities to pay bills and taxes increases which adds to your anxiety.


To be happy and constantly motivate in life we have to do what we love to do. And never think about the money. As money is the by-product of the things you love to do. Try to solve the problems in your chosen field and help as many people you can.


Then you will never find any lack of zeal, enthusiasm, and encouragement in life.

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