How to attain freedom by loosing the Self

The main reason for our slavery and misery is attachment. The more we are attach with a thing more we will become slave and more we will be hurt. There is no escape from it. Because if we wish for happiness then there will be sadness. If we wish for success there will be failure. They all are the other side of the same coin. And the highest attachment for us is our own body. We love our physical self so much that we can’t think of it decaying and ageing. But it is sure to happen and inevitable.

So, there is only one solution of it. Being unattached to everything. Attachment is the primary cause of all misery and sadness. One can be unattached even in a roaring battlefield like Arjuna. Lord Krishna in the battlefields of Kurushetra told to his friend Arjuna that do your duty without thinking about any other thing. You are a kshatriya or warrior s you must fight. You are not doing it because you want to you are doing it because the Lord want you to fight. Do your duty and rest it to God. We are nothing and can do nothing. Only God is doing behalf of us and we all are just his messanger.

We have to work incessantly, but give up all attachment to work. Like the lotus leaf in the water; the water can’t touch and adhere to it; so we should be like it working and doing our duty by not attching with it. We don’t have to be a yogi and go to the mountains but we have to give up the self and think about the well being of others. The Lord will take care of us. Then you will attain true freedom and always be happy.

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